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The Museum is a perfect place to host events in the field of culture, sports, interplanetary agreements, technological announcements, and any other occasion limited only by a sentient's imagination.

Ongoing Events

The music band The Acoustic Wanderers is playing for the clients in the Restaurant. The band is composed of six artists, five Ortolan musicians and one Yuzzum singer.

The Acoustic Wanderers

After meeting while still in high school outside of Bluesville (Orto), these five Ortolans started playing in a hangar in their afterhours. The Acoustic Wanderers busted down the doors of the planet's musical scene in Year 10 with their debut album, Honky Tonk Orto Hound. Their career roared onto the galactic scene three years later, when these longtime friends accepted Yuzzum singer Hannah Suutrar in their ranks. Since then, this musical ensemble has held several tours in the southern part of the galaxy with increasing success and some seriously inspired gems. The band's latest album Journey to the Dark Side merges delicate vocal work with arena ready rhythms to churn out a record full of heart-pounding virtuoso pieces with unconventional riffs to create a fine collection of melodic songs in their purest form.

Blazinda Drea.jpg Forren Verbenti.jpg Gymwooken Senesca.jpg Taleed Mozh.jpg Xjan Eclissu.jpg Hannah Suutrar.jpg
Blazinda Drea Forren Verbenti Gymwooken Senesca Taleed Mozh X`jan Eclissu Hannah Suutrar

Past Events

Good Will Ball

On Y17, the RDC hosted a gala for representatives of the Galactic Alliance. Forty-five people took part from nine out of the ten members of the GA.