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Greetings! Welcome to the Rebel Alliance and the Star Wars Combine!

After many years of turmoil and struggle against the evil Galactic Empire, the battle to restore the Republic succeeded. The New Republic was founded by the unification of two diverse and dedicated groups: the Rebel Alliance and SoroSuub Corporation. Their collective goals for freedom and prosperity met, these two groups became one - later the New Republic has fallen after a radical movement from the Galactic Empire. But, hope is not lost. The Rebel Alliance, remnants of the New Republic, is dedicated to rooting out the rest of the entrenched Imperial Remnant and spreading peace and liberty to all parts of the galaxy.

It is the strength and resilience of our citizens that allows us to carry on the critical work of the original Rebel Alliance, to restore Democracy, Peace and Liberty to the Galaxy once more. So, we support every citizen by providing a great choice of jobs, excellent pay rates, and a warm, lively community! New citizens can expect a job, ship, and transportation, as well as a great education through the Rebel Alliance Academy. Boasting a vast, elite military and vibrantly growing civil sector, the New Republic is virtually unparalleled in the variety and excitement it can offer you! Want to know more?

Join the New Republic!

Ten years ago, the Rebel Alliance joined forces with like-minded resistance fighters throughout the Galaxy. From this momentous occasion, the New Republic was born as a flame of democracy and justice. Today, the combined military might of the fallen New Republic protects our rights and fights against the oppression of the Galactic Empire and the Imperial Union. If you want to join the battle then the military is waiting for you.

The Rebel Alliance Military is divided into three different commands from which you can choose to serve:

  • Army Command - lead a specialized force of infantry and mechanized vehicles with strengths in ground based combat.
  • Naval Command - captain our unique Mon Calamari battle cruisers to project our strength among the stars.
  • Starfighter Command - pilot the best fighters in the galaxy, at a speed no one else can match.

Our military boasts some of the most elite pilots and advanced ships available in the universe including A wings, B wings, Mon Calamari Cruisers and most famous of all, the fabled X wing! We grew out the famous Rebel Alliance so our history is filled with rebel and Republican heroes - you could be one of them!

Join the New Republic!

If the military is not for you, the Rebel Alliance's vibrant civil sector may have just what you seek. Perhaps you would like to be the shipwright building the famed X-wings for the military, or the engineer harvesting the raw materials needed to supply an ever-growing Rebellion! The possibilities are endless, so if you're looking for a job - we've got it!

At the heart of the Rebel Alliance are the Nationalised Corporations and Affiliated Factions that support our economy and strive to create prosperity for all. These nationalised businesses are protected companies of the Rebellion that operate in their own systems. They offer a variety of jobs in fields such as production, construction, mining, prospecting, and logistics with competitive compensation and incentives. Each Nationalised Corporation brings with it its own specialty and expertise.

Join the New Republic!

The Rebel Alliance is supported by the Knights of the Rebellion, a group of Jedi who have sworn to protect those in need across the galaxy. The Knights conduct tests regularly for those seeking to understand their own connection to the Force.

Join the New Republic!

We treat people of all races equally and embrace them as one of our own, so discrimination is non-existent. We are a friendly and vibrant community, and in due time, if you show commitment and activity, you will be recognized for your achievements in the form of bonuses, promotions, and awards.

Extra Benefits:

  • Join the fight agains the tyrannical Empire, for freedom and liberty!
  • The right to vote and perhaps run in Secretary elections!
  • Excellent salaries with opportunities for promotion and advancement!
  • As a member of the Rebel Alliance, you will receive discounts on all purchases you make from Rebel Alliance producers!
  • Equality and Freedom of Speech!
  • A vibrant, fun community!

We'd be happy to help you out with any questions you may have and choosing a career that suits your interests! We look forward to welcoming you into the Rebellion!

New Republic