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The Rebel Alliance Morale Department, better known as ARGH!!!, seeks for laughs from every sentient being of the RA. Either it be new recruits, cadets, or veterans who have honorably served, we're here to serve you.

ARGH!!! is in charge of all the fun events that take place every now and again. This includes the galas, competitions, and other various events. We are a micro-salaried organization with an activity oriented tier-based salary system; though mainly we're just here for the fun of it.

ARGH!!! Leadership
Caisava Chelski
Caisava Chelski
Deputy Uberjester
ARGH!!! Staff
Karl Hawkmoon
Karl Hawkmoon
Davros Banesblade
Davros Banesblade

ARGH!!! History

Creation of the department

Back in Day 88 of Year 8, Nim Orlan wanted to reform the morale team. Both the Rebel Alliance and SoroSuub Corporation had their own morale groups in some forms before the merger (in RA it was called "Alliance Recreation Group (ARG)"; in SoroSuub "SSC Morale Committee"), and the former New Republic, now the Rebel Alliance deserved something special.

The first step was to decide a brand new name for this group of people, and morale team as well as morale committee were judged too formal for the purpose of this department. Also, the idea was to find some meaning to the word "ARGH."

Some of the names proposed were as follows:

  • The spirit Corp (mocking the "Esprit de corps" meaning)
  • The Propaganda Unit
  • Ministry of Wellbeing
  • Allied Redeveloping groove helpers (ARGH)
  • New Republican Citizens Motivation Bureau (NRCMB)
  • The Groove Squad
  • Inspiration Team
  • Laughing Maniacs Astonishing Others (LMAO)
  • Humanoids Allied so Humorous Activities Happen (HAHAH)

However, the winning idea was proposed by Aeternal Conclave, who suggested a good meaning for the ARGH acronym: Ambassadors for Rollicking and Good Humor (Authorized representatives for good times and being happy)

The ARGH!!! works officially started on Year 8 Day 96.

Past Leaders

Names are listed in descending order, from the most recent to the oldest.

  • Soluun Afraad
  • Lola Lunar
  • Nohayk Haddock (R.I.P)
  • Torc Tarmin
  • Jin Solas
  • Navia Sciuto
  • Galen Pheras
  • Kayllin Laws
  • Ankha Natanaele
  • Geran Nightshadow
  • Andrew Steczo
  • Wedge Achilles
  • Vol Kamo
  • Sephe Nighthawk
  • Aeternal Conclave
  • Nim Orlan

ARGH!!! Contact Details

You are encouraged to ask the ARGH!!! staff about any questions to events we host. Please feel free to send us Darkness Messages or Private Messages on the NR forums but do, however, remember we may need some time to respond to your queries - we will get back to you as soon as possible! If you have not heard from us within 3 days, please contact another staff member as your initial contact may be on a Leave of Absence or otherwise unavailable.

ARGH!!! Addresses
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