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Rebel Alliance Intelligence

The Rebel Alliance Intelligence (RAI), previously known as Rebel Security Force (or New Republic Intelligence).

The Chief of Intelligence (Intelligence General), or Director, is the Commanding Officer of the Intelligence Branch, and reports directly to the Supreme Commander (Commander-In-Chief of the RAI). The RAI's Command Office also provides support to the Rebel Alliance Military by providing it with information it gathers, receiving information from military intelligence organizations, and cooperates with field activities. The Deputy Chief of Intelligence (Deputy Intelligence General) works mainly with the internal departments of the Intelligence Branch, coordinating with Operation Officers and Public Officers of the branch.

Responsible for the security of the Rebel Alliance (which includes its nationalised corporations and affiliated private companies) against enemies foreign and domestic. RAI performs various tasks for the Rebel Alliance and has agents in all sectors of Rebel Alliance space. It monitors all channels of communication to gain intelligence and ensure information important to the Rebel Alliance is kept secure. Intelligence is gathered and analyzed on all important individuals and areas of the galaxy; Enemy fleet and army movements are monitored; Reconnaissance is made of unknown planetary systems, and investigations of enemy construction and R&D is carried out regularly, as well as many other activities and operations.

Rebel Alliance Intelligence has many attributions, some of its internal security attributions are:

  • Immigration Office: e.g. including performing the background checks of all new cadets,
  • Operational Duties (Domestic Security Department - DSD), rooting out infiltrators and criminals;
  • RAI's Procurator Office: assisting the RAC formulating or promoting charges against domestic and foreign enemies (representing the RA's popular interest for justice);
  • And enforcing warrants, and arresting outlaws.

RAI also handles rescue missions for enemy defectors, captured allies and downed pilots (and more).

If you have any questions about RAI, you can send an email to, or you may contact the Chief of the Intelligence or Deputy Chief of the Intelligence.

RAI Leadership & Roster

Director of Intelligence (C-5)
Jonas Kanuteau
Intelligence General
Jonas Kanuteau
Deputy Director of Intelligence (C-4)
Deputy Intel. Gen.
RAI's Department Command (Command with Public Status)
Fred Python
Foreign Security Department CO
Int. Lt. Gen (C-3) [PO Status]

Fred Python
Rexan Traner
Domestic Security Department CO
Int. Lt. Gen (C-3) [PO Status]

Rexan Traner
Operational Command & Chief Public Officer
Mezrakh Ir`walh
Operational/Legacy SCG CO
Int. Maj. Gen (C-2)

Mezrakh Ir`walh
Caisava Chelski
Chief Public RAI Officer
Int. B. Gen (C-1)

Caisava Chelski

Ranks & Structure


Flag Ranks

Grade Pay Rank
Rank C-5 RAI.png C-5 Cr 18,000,000 Intelligence General
Rank O-C-4 RAI.png C-4 Cr 17,000,000 Deputy Intelligence General
Rank C-3 RAI.png C-3 Cr 16,000,000 Intelligence Lieutenant General
Rank C-2 RAI.png C-2 Cr 15,000,000 Intelligence Major General
Rank C-1 RAI.png C-1 Cr 14,000,000 Intelligence Branch General

Public Officer Status

Grade Pay Epaulets
Rank PO RAI.png N/A - Grade may be classified Public Officer
  • What is the job of a Public Officer?
They are responsible for helping the RAI Command to recruit new agents, to serve as a channel of communication for people to report any kind of intelligence quickly, provide informations and updates regarding RAI and RA security if the Director or its Deputy is unavaible to do so, and a liaison of the RAI with the general populace. The Public Officer is known to the galaxy and RA, therefore being able to act publicly as a RAI Officer/Agent too, most officers and agents of the RAI are secretive and have codenames as most intelligence services in the galaxy.

RAI Directorial Command (Current)

  • Director Jonas Kanuteau (Year 24 Day 230 - Present)
  • (Acting) Deputy Director Wedge Achilles (Year 24 Day 338 - Present)

RAI Department Command (Current)

  • DSD Commanding Officer Rexan Traner Year 23 Day 345 - Present)
  • FSD Commanding Officer Fred Python (Year 23 Day 207 - Present)

RAI Operational & Public Officer Command (Current)

Director of Rebel Alliance Intelligence

RAI Command History

  • DSD Commanding Officer Jonas Kanuteau (Year 23 Day 83 - Year 23 Day 345)
  • (Acting) Director Darcks Galvan (Year 23 Day 84 - Year 23 Day 234)
  • (Acting) Deputy Director Jonas Kanuteau (Year 23 Day 142 - Year 23 Day 236)
  • DSD Commanding Officer Jonas Kanuteau (Year 23 Day 83 - Year 23 Day 236)
  • FSD (Acting) Commanding Officer Fred Python (Year 23 Day 83 - Yer 23 Day 207)
  • Operational/Legacy SCG Karl Hawkmoon Year 23 Day 336 - Year 24 Day 195)
  • Director Darcks Galvan (Year 23 Day 234 - Year 24 Day 230)

NRI/RSF Former Directors

  • Director Edvin Simson (Year 12 Day 1 - Year 12 Day 93)
  • Director Lukastar Narvaka (Year 12 Day 94 - Year 13 Day 236)
  • Director Wedge Achilles (Year 13 Day 236 - Year 14 Day 174)
  • Director Kara Webb (Year 14 Day 174 - Year 15 D 4)
  • Director Damon Phet (Year 15 ?? - Year 16 Day 47)
  • Director Leebri Chelski (Year 16 103 - Year 17 Day 39)
  • Director Adam Hughes (Year 17 Day 71 - Year 20 Day 202)
  • Acting Director/Deputy Director Eleonore Silvermoon (Year 20 Day 238 - Year 21 Day 14)
  • Director Orion Chran (Year 20 Day 14 - Year 21 Day 14)
  • Director Leebri Chelski (Year 21 Day 14 - Year 21 Day 101)
  • Director Husqr Dara (Year 21 Day 101 - Year 22 Day 292)