Galactic Museum Floor Plans

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The areas accessible to the public are on three levels. The top level houses ships, the bottom level houses vehicles, and the middle level houses the droids' galleries as well as other public areas.

Below you can see a map of the middle level with the suggested path for visitors (orange arrows and light yellow path).
On your first visit, it is strongly suggested you follow the clockwise visitors' path to achieve the full experience our museum can offer: you will cross all droids rooms, talk with the Museum Guides, and end your tour in the Conference Room where some more Docents are lecturing. You can go further and get to the Lounge where you can continue your visit in the docking and hangar bays.

If this is not your first visit to the Museum, and you want to skip the droids' exhibits, you can head directly to the turbolifts to access the docking and hangar bays. If you are heading directly to the Lounge, Restaurant, Library, Conference or Multipurpose Rooms the shortest way is going the main route anticlockwise.

Main level of the Galactic Museum

GM mainlevel.png

Top and bottom levels of the Galactic Museum

GM dockingbay.png GM hangarbay.png