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Support Us

Friends of the museum

Do you want to become a friend of the museum? There are many ways to support the museum: by giving time, expertise, entities and/or credits to help the museum achieve its ambitions. Please contact the Board for further information and questions.


Do you want to leave a lasting gift to the galaxy? If you are one of the rarer and rarer generous individuals, please remember that leaving a gift to the Galactic Museum does have a significant and lasting impact on our work, regardless of the size of your gift. Your generosity will allow us to continue our mission to display and preserve the works of sentients for all to enjoy, and for many future generations.

If you would like to acknowledge the pleasure that the Galactic Museum has given you and many others by making a donation, we would be happy to talk to you about how your gift could benefit the Museum.

Friends - Individuals (in alphabetical order by surname)

Anonymous donated 25,000,000 credits (used to buy rare droids)
Riley Bousson donated a Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle
John Callaghan donated 25,000,000 credits (used to buy Overracer and Razor Fighter)
Fleur`De Rouge donated a Personnel Skiff Model IV
Lahasa Fy donated one Air-2 Swoop
Helena Gladio donated a Pit Droid
Bane Green donated one ETA-2 Actis-class Light Interceptor and one BR-23 Courier
Jason Grover donated a Chir'daki Deathseed and a Nu-Class Attack Shuttle
Andrew Harris donated a 3PO, a LIN-series Miner, a WED-Series 'Treadwell', and a Probe Droid
Crow Kain provided a new elegant attire for the docent in capital ships, Ohwun Rebond
Troucei Laruse helped moving ships for the Shuttle Service
Biffis Maximus donated one Raddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft and hired the Ortolan music band
Ankha Natanaele made art for the museum (logo, customs for the Shuttle service)
Ezekial Nien donated a Nebulon-S Racing Swoop
Luther Nightwish donated one Sith Starfighter
Ace Rose donated 550,000 credits (used to buy an Aurek Starfighter and a D8 Smelter Droid)
Jahu Skyla donated one Hologlide J57 Cam and one Prowler 1000 droid
Cody Starslinger installed doors in the Museum and RMSU Tyrius
Ruben Wan donated several ships, vehicles, and droids

Friends - Companies

Arkanian Engineers donated a Coral Vanda
Baobab Merchant Fleet donated a Toscan 8-Q, gave a SY4 for free to produce one MTC
Byblos Drive Yards provided a Mammoth-class freighter
De Sidera Foundation donated vehicles and ships, bought some datacards
FreiTek Inc. donated 3 ships
Incom Corporation donated several ships
Industrial Automaton donated droids
JUGANOTH Mining Corporation donated raw materials to produce ships and vehicles
Kerdos Company donated ships for the Shuttle service and the collection
Rebel Alliance donated a Namana-class Light Cruiser
Republic Medical donated medical ships and droids
The Resistance donated several ships, one vehicle, and several droids
Ubrikkian Industries donated several vehicles