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As a cultural project of the NR Academy, the museum falls under the management of the Ministry of State of the New Republic. The Galactic Museum is funded by government's funds and public donations. While being a governmental structure, the museum enjoys freedom of action and maintains proper operating systems and procedures which follow accepted museological practices.

Museum Board

It is in charge of the museum's identity, which is obtained by establishing and implementing the museum's mission and vision, and providing continuity in the museum's affairs.

Avatar Huw Roon.png
Director of the Museum
Minister of State
Huw Roon
Avatar Ruben Wan.jpg
Master Curator

Ruben Wan

Museum Education Department Staff (NPCs)

The Museum Educator is the head of the education department, and the whole department develops educational programs for the public and aids the museum in its mission. Docents are in charge of writing informative and educational materials geared for students, families, teachers, and the general public. They are also available for individual lectures and interactive activities for the visitors.

Museum Educator
Kassira Talsh.png
Kassira Talsh


Space Technology Starship Weapons Capital Ships Freighters Fighters
Rebar Retwin.png Ibtisam Eerin.png Ohwun Rebond.png Vilmarh Targon.png Renij Jobal.png
Rebar Retwin Ibtisam Eerin Ohwun Rebond Vilmarh Targon Renij Jobal
History of Weapons Defenses and Armour Sensors and Communications History of Droids Droid Engineering
Grelk Ramdro.png Blaak Moe.png Asaak Tandok.png Raymus Lackland.png Tol Joz.png
Grelk Ramdro Blaak Moe Asaak Tandok Raymus Lackland Tol Joz
First-Degree Droids Second-Degree Droids Third-Degree Droids Fourth-Degree Droids Fifth-Degree Droids
Sylvn Odi-Amor.png Ukchet Nkik.png Kalatosh Teyuna.png Gorowindo Banen.png Mirhuyep Oninrokini.png
Sylvn Odi-Amor Ukchet Nkik Kalatosh Teyuna Gorowindo Banen Mirhuy`ep On`inrokini
Vehicle Weapons Ground Vehicles Speeders Aquatic Vehicles Vacant
Idalli Odle.png Deran Tashual.png Katuunko Ray.png Selen Maks.png Vacant.gif
Idalli Odle Deran Tashual Katuunko Ray Selen Maks Vacant

Docking Bay
Hangar Bay
Droids' Halls
Conference Room

Artifact Recovery Office

It deals with agreements and arrangements with private individuals or public organisations in order to expand the Collection of the Museum.

Chief of State

Minister of State

Museum Security Officers (NPCs)

A squad of twelve Security Officers patrols the rooms and halls 24 hours a day. They are trained to detect and deter all types of crime within their jurisdiction and assure a high level of security for the museum's visitors.

Medical Staff

Expert medical crew from Republic Medical are ready to give assistance in the RMSU.