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Operating Principles

Within the resources available to the Board, it will promote:

  • conservation, enrichment and study of the collections;
  • wide understanding of and access to the collections;
  • intellectual activity and scholarship relating to the collections;
  • the use, care and development of the Museum sites;
  • the reputation of the Museum;
  • transparency and efficiency in the administration of the Museum and, in particular, quality in financial planning and reporting;
  • the development and maintenance of a sound financial position including fundraising, in order that the Museum is able to fulfil its aim in perpetuity for future generations.


For the benefit of its audience now and in the future, the Museum is committed to sustaining and improving its collections. Acquisitions are made in order to:

  • maintain and improve its cultural and historical record of the galaxy's cultures and civilizations;
  • generate public interest in the past and present and illustrate the ways in which technology mirror and inform the present;
  • create new audiences and inform, entertain and inspire the existing audience in new ways;
  • promote better relations between people of differing cultures, nationalities, races and beliefs.

The Museum will pay due respect to the moral rights of other individuals, groups or organisations. The Museum does not purchase objects for the collections unless full funding has first been secured and it is satisfied that the purchase price represents value for money. Acquisitions are normally made only after the costs of acquisition, conservation, storage and display have been identified and fully funded. Objects in such poor condition that they cannot be stabilised by conservation treatments will not be acquired. The Museum will normally expect to receive from the transferor any records and contextual information about an object it acquires.

Rules of Collecting

  1. The Galactic Museum of Technology will acquire entities for the collection by donation, bequest, field collecting, purchase, and in special circumstances by loan.
  2. The Board will have delegated authority and responsibility for acquiring or rejecting objects for the collection, ensuring that the collection is housed or stored adequately and for its maintenance, conservation and documentation to the best of their ability within the scope of the resources that are available annually to fulfill these responsibilities.
  3. In the event that entities are offered to the Museum, which are not relevant to the collection, the Museum will endeavour to redirect the would-be-donor to an institution where the item may be more appropriately housed.
  4. Any entities that are subject to special constraints or conditions, which are offered to the Museum, will be dealt with on a case-to-case basis. In some cases it may be deemed necessary to place particular issues concerning acquisition before the Board of the Museum for decision.
  5. All entities acquired by the Museum will be fully documented and permanent records will be kept by the Museum staff. Additionally, the Galactic Museum of Technology undertakes to conserve and maintain in working order all entities within its collection and, as far as is possible in accordance with best professional conservation practices and advice.
  6. The Galactic Museum of Technology will retain full discretion over such entities as may be at any time be displayed in the Museum�s exhibitions.
  7. All entities acquired for the collection should be given outright with clear transfer of ownership to the Museum. Particular requests or proposed conditions associated with donations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Board.


Should the space for storage in the Museum be not sufficient to house all entities, the Museum will build other facilities and/or stations and distribute the collections in the several facilities/stations according to specific themes. Should the Museum receive objects through donations or bequest that are duplicate of existing entities, the Board shall decide how to use the additional entities. The Board will also ask the transferor his/her opinion, if possible.

Code of Ethics

The museum will avoid displaying or using material of questionable origin or lacking provenance. The museum does not condone and contribute to the illicit trade in cultural property.


Appropriate security has been taken to protect the collections against theft or damage in displays, exhibitions, working or storage areas, and while in transit. The GM has also policies devised to protect the public and personnel, the collections and other resources, against natural and sentient-made disasters.

Unattended Property

The museum is not liable for any loss or damage to any single item left in our cloakrooms or any other room and hall, and visitors must not leave any of their property unattended at any time in the Museum. We reserve the right to have unattended property removed and/or destroyed without warning in the interests of safety and security. You will not hold us liable if any property that you have left unattended is removed or destroyed.

Long-term Stays

Visitors may visit the collections at their own pace. They may decide to enter and exit at will, completing the visit in different periods of time, and follow any itinerary they prefer. However, long-term stays inside the museum is not allowed. Should the museum staff notice individuals who have been inside the museum for weeks or even months, we reserve the right to accompany the individuals out of the museum.


The Museum collects data on attendance numbers and length of stays. Such information shall be anonymised and made public on a regular basis through the media. No private data will be disclosed to third parties or used for reasons other than research or statistical purposes.

Health Care of Visitors

Should a visitor incur in an accident during the visit, a Republic Mobile Surgical Unit is available to provide immediate assistance. The Museum's medical staff will take care of any kind of health problem, regardless of race, belief, gender, affiliation.