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Creating Republic Diplomacy Command

Poise, Understanding, Sincerity

The New Republic Diplomacy Command, commonly abbreviated RDC, is the New Republic's elite group of diplomats tasked with foreign affairs and public representation. Of course, maintenance of contact with allies, friends and neutral groups is part of the Republic Diplomacy Command's responsibility, but also negotiation and mediation on behalf and in the interest of the New Republic. The Republic Diplomacy Command is given a wide variety of means to accomplish its tasks and its well trained and experienced diplomats are at your service whenever and wherever you need them.

RDC Executive Staff

High Ambassador (C-5)
High Ambassador

Contact us

If you are a not a New Republic member and you are seeking Diplomatic services, such as NAPs, PSCs, Talks, Mediation etc, and you wish to contact RDC, please utilise one if not more, of the following methods:

  • If you work for a faction, speak with your group's assigned diplomat and ask them to contact us using the applicable method:
    • If your faction is a member of the Galactic Alliance or allied with the New Republic, please message Orion Chran.
  • For the fastest response time, RDC has an official Discord channel. Please message an available member of the Diplomacy Corp on Discord. Depending on what is appropriate, we will gladly refer you to someone on Discord, take any messages you wish to pass on, or enquire with NR staff on your behalf.
  • Register on the New Republic Communication Centre forums and request an embassy for your faction to be created. If your faction already has an embassy here, please have your ranking representative contact the High Ambassador for access once you have registered.

Accredited Diplomats

  • Orion Chran, Senior Ambassador, C-3
  • Galen Darksol, Pro Consul, O-5
  • Vonar Passik, Attaché, O-2

***Currently on a Leave of Absence

Rank Structure

Grade Pay Rank
Rank C-5 RDC.png C-5 Cr 13,000,000 High Ambassador
Rank C-4 RDC.png C-4 Cr 12,500,000 Executive Ambassador
Rank C-3 RDC.png C-3 Cr 11,750,000 Senior Ambassador
Rank C-2 RDC.png C-2 Cr 11,250,000 Ambassador
Rank C-1 RDC.png C-1 Cr 10,500,000 Deputy Ambassador
Rank O-6 RDC.png O-6 Cr 10,000,000 Consul
Rank O-5 RDC.png O-5 Cr 9,500,000 Pro Consul
Rank O-4 RDC.png O-4 Cr 9,000,000 Vice Pro Consul
Rank O-3 RDC.png O-3 Cr 8,500,000 Secretary
Rank O-2 RDC.png O-2 Cr 8,000,000 Attaché
Rank O-1 RDC.png O-1 Cr 7,500,000 Assistant Attaché
E-1 Cr 1,000,000 Cadet

High Ambassadors

  • High Ambassador Uzziah Akim (Year 8 Day 12 - Year 9 Day 06)
  • High Ambassador Jake Azzameen (Year 9 Day 29 - Year 10 Day 14)
    • High Ambassador (acting) Almar Zamasee (Year 10 Day 14 - Year 10 day 21)
  • High Ambassador Owen von Ismay (Year 10 Day 21 - Year 10 Day 91)
    • High Ambassador (acting) Almar Zamasee (Year 10 Day 91 - Year 10 Day 120)
  • High Ambassador Azzi Blackgate (Year 10 Day 120 - Year 10 Day 256)
  • High Ambassador Vol Kamo (Year 10 Day 276 - ??)
  • High Ambassador Gryffyn Grayurra (Year 11 Day 118 - Year 12 Day 17)
  • High Ambassador Cheda Quche (Year 12 Day 17 - Year 14 Day 17)
  • High Ambassador Andrew Harris (Year 14 Day 31 - Year 15 D 87)
  • High Ambassador Biffis Maximus (Year 15 D 87 - Year 15 Day 261)
  • High Ambassador Gryffyn Grayurra (Year 15 Day 261 - Year 17 Day 207)
  • High Ambassador Natalis Oro (Year 17 Day 226 - Year 18 Day 3)
  • High Ambassador Gand Xitwa (Year 18 Day 3 - Year 20 Day 156)
  • High Ambassador Huw Roon (Year 20 Day 156 - Year 20 Day 207)
  • High Ambassador Orion Chran (Year 20 Day 207 - Year 21 Day 14)