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Dear Fellow Freedom Fighter,

The galaxy is in turmoil, overshadowed by the oppressive rule of the Galactic Empire. But there is hope. The Rebel Alliance, a beacon of light in the darkness, is calling upon courageous individuals like you to join our noble cause. Together, we can bring an end to tyranny and restore freedom to every corner of the galaxy.

Why should you join us?

  • 1. Fight Against Oppression: The Empire seeks to control every aspect of our lives, suppressing individuality and enforcing its will with an iron fist. As part of the Rebel Alliance, you will stand against this tyranny, ensuring that every sentient being has the right to choose their own destiny.
  • 2. Unite for a Common Goal: Our strength lies in unity. The Rebel Alliance welcomes beings from all walks of life, with diverse skills and backgrounds. Whether you are a skilled pilot, a brilliant strategist, a charismatic diplomat, or a resourceful engineer, your unique talents will find purpose within our ranks.
  • 3. Embrace Adventure: Leave the monotony of everyday life behind and embark on a thrilling journey across the galaxy. As a Rebel, you will travel to exotic worlds, encounter strange creatures, and engage in daring missions that challenge your abilities and ignite your spirit of adventure.
  • 4. Forge Lifelong Friendships: Bonds formed in the crucible of battle are unbreakable. The Rebel Alliance is more than an organization; it is a family. You will find camaraderie, support, and lifelong friendships with like-minded individuals who share your unwavering commitment to the cause.
  • 5. Make a Difference: Every action you take as a Rebel will have a profound impact on the fate of the galaxy. By striking at the heart of the Empire, disrupting their operations, and inspiring hope in the oppressed, you will contribute to a better future for all.

Meet our Military branches:

Over a decade years ago, the Rebel Alliance joined forces with like-minded resistance fighters throughout the Galaxy. From this momentous occasion, the New Republic was born as a flame of democracy and justice. Today, the combined military might of the fallen New Republic protects our rights and fights against the oppression of the Galactic Empire and the Imperial Union. If you want to join the battle then the military is waiting for you.

The Rebel Alliance Military is divided into three different commands from which you can choose to serve:

  • Army Command - lead a specialized force of infantry and mechanized vehicles with strengths in ground based combat.
  • Naval Command - captain our unique Mon Calamari battle cruisers to project our strength among the stars.
  • Starfighter Command - pilot the best fighters in the galaxy, at a speed no one else can match.

Rebel Army

Army Command

Rebel Army: The backbone of our ground forces, the Rebel Army fights tirelessly to liberate worlds from Imperial control. As a member of the Army, you will undergo rigorous training in combat tactics, weapons handling, and survival skills. From leading daring ground assaults to conducting covert operations, you will directly challenge the Empire's grip on the galaxy.

Rebel Navy

Naval Command

Rebel Navy: The Rebel Navy commands a fleet of vessels that strike fear into the hearts of the Empire. From nimble corvettes to mighty capital ships, our naval forces disrupt Imperial supply lines, rescue captured allies, and provide crucial support to our ground and starfighter operations. As a member of the Rebel Navy, you will be entrusted with the responsibility of operating and maintaining these formidable vessels, ensuring our continued defiance against the Empire's tyranny.

Rebel Starfighter Corps

Starfighter Command

Rebel Starfighter Corps: The skies are our domain, and the Starfighter Corps is at the forefront of our spacial and aerial campaigns. Piloting legendary starfighters, you will engage Imperial forces in intense dogfights, protect our vital assets, and strike key enemy targets. Whether you are a natural-born pilot or aspire to become one, the Starfighter Corps will hone your skills and make you an ace in the Rebel Alliance's fleet.

Benefits & Bonuses


2,500,000 cr Upon citizenship clearance and Application to join a Military branch.


Military Commands
Seal Army Command1.png Seal Naval Command1.png Seal Starfighter Command1.png
Bonus: 7,000,000cr Bonus: 8,000,000cr Bonus: 6,000,000cr

  • Note (1): these bonuses are paid after one month of activity on duty.
  • Note (2): it requires at least 3 check-ins in a month.
  • Note (3): An additional 2m bonus may be granted by the GCO/GXO after completing both FTX and STX.


Academy Bonus: Cr 1,000,000 Branch Bonus: Cr 1,000,000 Military Bonus: Cr 1,000,000

Join Now:

To join the Rebel Alliance and become a hero in the fight against the Empire as a Military Officer, visit your nearest recruitment center or contact us at our RA Public Discord Server. Our experienced officers will guide you through the process, answer your questions, and provide you with the necessary training and resources.

Rebel Alliance

We treat people of all races equally and embrace them as one of our own, so discrimination is non-existent. We are a friendly and vibrant community, and in due time, if you show commitment and activity, you will be recognized for your achievements in the form of bonuses, promotions, and awards.

Extra Benefits:

  • Join the fight agains the tyrannical Empire, for freedom and liberty!
  • The right to vote for bills and Charter Amendments!
  • Excellent salaries with opportunities for promotion and advancement!
  • As a member of the Rebel Alliance, you will receive discounts on all purchases you make from Rebel Alliance producers!
  • Equality and Freedom of Speech!
  • A vibrant, fun community!

Remember, the Rebellion is built on the dedication and bravery of individuals like you. Together, we can defy the odds, topple the Empire, and restore peace and justice to the galaxy. Join us, and may the Force be with you!

"Rebel Alliance: United We Stand, Divided We Fall"

Rebel Alliance

And don't forget to visit us on our RA Public Discord Server!