Wesley OyKi

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Wesley OyKi
Wesley OyKi
Height 1.88 meters
Eye Color Yellow
Race Gungan
Gender Male
Born Year -3 Day 6
Homeworld Naboo
Department Republic Medical, Academy, ARGH, Ministry of State, Historians
Rank C-4
Positions Associate Minister of State (C-4)

Chief Executive Officer (C-3)
Headmaster (C-2)
Governor of Deysum
Jester (O-5)
Historian (O-5)
2nd Lieutenant (O-1)

Past positions Rebel Alliance C-2
Dean Dedication AwardNew Republican of the MonthGovernor's CitationInstructor Dedication Award


Wesley OyKi

Wesley Oyki grew up amongst the swamps and plains of Naboo in the days before the Trade Federation tried to wrest control from the Naboo. He spent his days quietly absorbing information, swimming and fishing with his family. Then the Trade Federation arrived.

Wesley had gone fishing that morning trying to find a few big juicy fish for the family's dinner but he sensed something was not quite right in the world above the Gungan levels of the planet. He swam up to the surface and could see ships, many ships descending towards the Naboo occupied city in the distance. He could hear the drone of landing craft a little way off the pool he had surfaced in so he descended rapidly towards his family home in the small Gungan Town of Otah Hurlah.

As he entered the first of the towns airlocks, he saw nobody about, no Gungans, no animals, not even any flies. Outside he could see no fish either, something was wrong. He headed towards his home in the centre of town and he started to see items that had been dropped and scattered, but no bodies. He pushed his front door open but like the surrounding streets he found it empty. He searched the town quickly and found nothing, he checked the airlock controls and found they had all been used in the hours he had been out fishing. Dismayed he sat and contemplated his next move. From his right he suddenly heard the loud metallic sound of droid feet moving across the surface of the road to his right and Wesley quickly ducked inside a house and finding a crack in a door he hid for a second, peering out as a squad of brown coloured droids marched past the house and met a second group further along the road.

"Have you found any of the primitives?" a droid with dark blue shoulders asked another in the second group. "Negative, they seem to have abandoned this place." The second droid replied. "Search all these buildings, flood the town, then return to the deployment site", the droid commander ordered. "Roger,Roger", the other droid replied before continuing down the road as other droids began to open doors and fan out searching the houses. Wesley was not overly concerned as this house belonged to a school friend and he had been here before, he lifted a mat and found the entrance to their fish store, he quickly slipped inside and covered himself with fish and old sacks. Wesley spent the next 20 minutes waiting before he heard the door being thrust open and heard a few droids moving around above him moving things around and generally making a mess of his friend’s house. After a short while he heard, "nothing here this swelling is clear, move to the next one". Wesley let out a sigh of relief before giving the droids ten minutes to get away from the house he left the fish store.

He snuck around the out skirts of the town, avoiding the searching battle droids and made his way to one of the towns lowest escape hatches and opened it, slipped through and escaped into the deep cool water below.

Wesley swam for what seemed an age, seeing no sign of his family or any other of his people, he deftly found large clumps of weed every time a droid patrol was spotted in the distance and found himself heading towards the one place he thought he may find his family, the Great Gungan City of Otah Gunga. Wesley’s thoughts of hope soon dissapated as he reached the waters near the city as he could see groups of gungans, chained being lead onto Trade Federation Submersible craft under armed guard. wesley could see no choice he would have to try the Naboo and see if they were faring any better.

Wesley made for the surface again and found himself avoiding more droid patrols outside the Naboo city to the north. He hid amongst the swampy marsh land around the outskirts of the city and saw a few Naboo being herded around by the droids. He gave the city a wide berth and headed off deep onto the marshes. He searched all of the sacred places he could think of and found little evidence if the Gungan people, but he did find tracks of columns of gungans and battle droids. After several months of dodging patrols and living off any fish he could catch in the swampy pools, Wesley found himself in the forests. After what seemed to be months, he found himself on the edge of a great clearing in which a large group of armoured Naboo were loading a large freighter. Wesley could see they would be leaving soon, so he decided he would try and stow away aboard the large ship. He snuck off to the nearest large pool and quickly grabbed a few fish for the journey, to where ever the ship was heading. He headed off back to the ship and arrived as the pile of cargo containers was starting to dwindle. Wesley found a suitable sized but relatively empty crate and checking he was not being watched to snuck into it. After a short time, Wesley felt the crate being out onto a cargo sled and the being loaded onto the ship. Several days later Wesley found a time when he could hear nobody about so carefully lifting the lid of the crate, he took a look around. He saw no Naboo in the area, so he exited the crate, quietly replacing the lid and slowly and crept about the ship finding only a few areas locked. Wesley assumed the locked areas were likely to be the engine room, crew quarters and the cockpit, so he settled himself in making use of what he could find in the unlocked crates he found. He certainly found enough food to keep himself full for months along with blankets and clothes. Wesley had got lucky, over the two weeks the ship was in Hyper Space he only once saw any of the crew and he made sure he cleaned up after himself, as not to arouse suspicion. One morning with little warning, he felt a jolt as the ship dropped from Hyper space and Wesley grabbed anything he had left out and headed to a small crawlspace he had discovered earlier and hid himself away. Soon he felt the ship starting to descend and then touchdown on a planet.

He listened intently as the crew moved about the cargo hold moving the crates off the ship and once he detected a short period of silence, Wesley exited the crawlspace and finding the landing ramp down and unguarded, he exited the ship.

Wesley found himself alone in the crowds, he had never seen this many different species gathered in one place. He spent the next few days trying to find anymore Gungan’s in this city with no luck. He was at a loss as what to do now. Naboo was out due to the Trade Federation as was any of their planets, maybe he thought to try the New Republic as Wesley had read a great deal about their wish to help those who could not help themselves. Wesley’s wish was to help others so he looked for employment with an organisation where he felt he could give something back and help others. He considered Joining vairous groups before applying to join RepMed, The New Republic’s Medical Arm. He applied and found himself being interviewed by the C.E.O. of RepMed Doctor Gile Landala himself. Gile accepted Wesley as a recruit and although, Wesley has not been there long he is making every effort to try his best to uphold Repmed’s expectations and has performeed well in all the missions he has undertaken so far ...

Career History

Civilian Service Record

Rebel Alliance
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank C-2 MoTI.png C-2 Year 20 Day 193 — Year 21 Day 8 Chief Operating Officer

New Republic
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Year 20 Day 363 — Present Senator

Ministry of State
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank C-4 MoS.png C-4 Year 20 Day 48 — Present Associate Minister of State

Republic Medical
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank C-3 MoTI.png C-3 Year 21 Day 8 - Present Chief Executive Officer
O-5 ??? - Year 20 Day 193
O-3 Year 19 Day ??? - ???

Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank C-2 MoS.png C-2 Year 20 Day 268 — Present Headmaster
Rank C-1 MoS.png C-1 Year 19 Day 334 — Year 20 Day 268 Dean of Academics
O-1 Year 19 Day ??? — Year 19 Day 334 Academy Teacher
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
O-5 Year 19 Day ??? — Present Jester

Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
O-5 Year 19 Day 248 — Present Historian

Military Service Record

Armed Forces Reserve
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank O-1 Reserve.png O-1 Year 20 Day 254 — Present 2nd Lieutenant

Citations and Awards


Award Name Given By Date
Dean Dedication Award Dean Dedication Award Anton Zadok Year 20 Day 97
Governor's Citation Governor's Citation Gile Landala Year 20 Day 2
Instructor Dedication Award Instructor Dedication Award Anton Zadok Year 20 Day 2
New Republican of the Month New Republican of the Month December 2018
New Republican of the Month New Republican of the Month July 2019