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New Republic

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Chief of State

The Chief of State of the New Republic holds the highest political office within the Republic. As head of the Executive Branch of the New Republic and Commander in Chief, the Chief of State is ultimately responsible for leading the Government in both name and fact. Assisting the Chief of State is the Advisory Council, made up of the heads of the civilian and military Departments of the New Republic and chaired by the Chief of State. In addition to leading the Executive branch, the Chief of State serves as the link between it and the Senate of the New Republic, bringing proposals and advice from the Advisory Council to the legislature and breaking tied votes within the Senate. Furthermore, the Chief of State is responsible for management of the Senate elections and has the power to grant pardons to citizens of the New Republic.

Chief of State

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a constitutional body comprising members equally split between military and civil leaders, and a total of no more than ten members. It is chaired by the Chief of State. The Council supplies the Senate and Chief of State with economic development, military, trade and commercial, legal, diplomatic, and intelligence advice. The Council members are responsible for decision-making within their respective departments, but the Council itself is not a decision-making body.

The Chief of Military Operations, Minister of State and heads of these departments comprise the New Republic Advisory Council. Running their departments on an operational level, they provide expertise and advice to the Senate and Chief of State.


The Senate is a constitutional body comprised of seven New Republic citizens elected by the people of the New Republic. It may elect a Speaker for administrative purposes, but otherwise its members are equal in status and responsibility. Per Constitution four seats of the Senate will be contested on Day 78 and three seats on Day 260 each Year.

The Senate is the legislative branch of the New Republic and as such responsible for...It may pass Acts to supplement the Constitution.


The New Republic Diplomacy Command consists out of an elite group of diplomats tasked with foreign affairs and public representation. Aside from the maintenance of contact with groups outside of the Republic they also deal with negotiation and meditation on behalf and in interest of the New Republic.
A High Ambassador who is appointed by the Chief of State leads this department.


The New Republic Intelligence Service is tasked with the security of the New Republic against enemies foreign and domestic. Intelligence is gathered and analysed on all important individuals and areas of the galaxy.
Also known as NRI they focus on background checks, rooting out infiltrators, hunting down defectors and handle rescue missions.

A Director leads this department who is appointed to his position by the Chief of State. Though relying on secrecy he may be assisted by A Deputy or Public Officer(s) while other remain in the shadows.


The New Republic has taken responsibility to protect and help grow a number of sectors including: Mytaranor Sector, Csilla Sector, Arkanis Sector, Brema Sector, Danjar Sector, Mayagil Sector and Sluis Sector to name a few.
The Ministry of Civil Engineering is responsible for development in the various system under Republic protection. While the New Republic Armed Forces are tasked with protecting these. Read more...