Kara DuMonte

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Kara DuMonte Webb
Kara DuMonte
Height Five foot, Three Inches
Weight Error, value not entered
Race Corellian
Gender Female
Family Husband: Ghon Webb
Past positions Chief of State

Director of NRI
NRI Public Agent
General Army Command
Knight of the Republic
Senator (22nd session)
Senator (16th session)

Senator (14th session)
Past affiliations Jedi Order, New Republic
Meritorious Unit MedalRepublic Service MedalGroup Commander's CitationGood Conduct AwardRepublic Readiness Award


--- To come ---

Career History

Military Service Record

New Republic Starfighter Command
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank O-1 SFC.png O-1 Pilot Officer
Rank O-2 SFC.png O-2 Flight Officer
Rank O-3 SFC.png O-3 Flight Lieutenant

New Republic Army Command
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank O-1 Army.png O-1 Second Lieutenant
Rank O-2 Army.png O-2 First Lieutenant
Rank O-4 Army.png O-4 Major
Rank O-5 Army.png O-5 Lieutenant Colonel
Rank O-6 Army.png O-6 Colonel
Rank C-1 Army.png C-1 Brigadier General
Rank C-2 Army.png C-2 Major General
Rank C-4 Army.png C-4 General

Jedi Order

Jedi Order
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Jedi Padawan
Jedi Knight
Jedi Councilor