Endaro Kassan

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Endaro Kassan
Endaro Kassan
Race Hapan
Gender Male
Homeworld Hapes
Positions Senator
Past positions Chief of State

Minister of Civil Engineering
Minister of State

Leader of Corellian Transport Services
Past affiliations Corellian Transport Services
High Ambassador's CitationOutstanding Excellence AwardLeadership AwardRimma Star of ServiceHydian Star of ExcellencePerlemian Star of Freedom

Endaro Kassan.png

Career History

Corellian Transport Services
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
O-2 Unknown Vessel Pilot
O-6 Unknown Vessel Department XO
C-1 Unknown Vessel Department CO
C-2 Unknown Assistant Logistics Administrator
C-3 Unknown Chief Logistics Administrator

Ministry of State
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank C-5 MoS.png C-5 Year 12 Day 329 - Year 14 Day 240 Minister of State

Ministry of Civil Engineering
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank C-4 MoCE.png C-4 Year 15 Day 322 — ?? Associate Minister of Civil Engineering
Rank C-5 MoCE.png C-5 ?? — Year 16 Day 176 Minister of Civil Engineering

Chief of State
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank CoS.png CoS Year 16 Day 176 — Year 18 Day 3 Chief of State

Citations and Awards

Award Name Given By Date
Outstanding Excellence Award Outstanding Excellence Award Year 10 Day 285
Leadership Award Leadership Award Year 11 Day 342
Rimma Star of Service Rimma Star of Service Year 12 Day 73
Hydian Star of Excellence Hydian Star of Excellence Year 14 Day 239
Perlemian Star of Freedom Perlemian Star of Freedom
High Ambassador's Citation High Ambassador's Citation Natalis Oro Year 18 Day 1
Hydian Star of Excellence Hydian Star of Excellence Advisory Council Year 18 Day 1