Natalis Oro

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Natalis Oro
Natalis Oro
Race Alderaanian-Dathomirian
Gender Female
Born Year -17
Homeworld Alderaan
Family Keros, Father (Alderaanian)

Alara'Oro, Mother (Dathomiri)
Riven, Brother
Kailen, Sister

Dosam Bilero, Uncle (Mother's side)
Department RDC, Navy
Rank Navy Ensign
Positions Executive Ambassador
Past positions Minister of State (Y18)

GA Secretary-General, (Y18)
Secretary of State, (Y12)
Head Administrator, CTS (Y12)
Editor-in-Chief RNN, The Holocron, RMS (Y9)
Shadowbane Syndicate (Lady Shadowbane) (Y9)

Civilian Aid in Military campaign (Y8)
Operation Urgent FuryHigh Ambassador's CitationLeadership AwardHigh Ambassador's CitationChief of State's MedalFriendship AwardNew Republican of the Month


The Early Years

Nat'a'lis was born to Keros of Alderaan and Alara'Oro, a native of Dathomir. The youngest of three, she learnt quickly how to get her own way and have her Siblings believe it was wholly in their best interest. Spoilt and coddled for most of her life, she was surrounded by the brilliant colours of her Parents clothier mercantile. This aesthetic pleasure soon spilled into artistic talents that would later see her studying the entire spectrum of the humanities with relish.

At the age of 7, Natalis was sent a tutor from Aldera. Unbeknown to the young Natalis, her tutor had once studied under the Jedi but had been declared too old for training. Some tenants and rituals of meditation were passed on to the little Lady to help her through a particularly awkward stage of growth where she exhibited acute signs of shyness and extreme emotion. The Tutor disappeared not two years later, without a word - the Young Natalis complaining that she could no longer feel the 'thread' of her Tutor.

When Natalis was 10, she experienced shifting memories of a bizarre force user who used his 'strange' talents to scare her Father into paying him off to sever connections. Though the Man paid Natalis no particular attention, it made a lasting impression on the young girl. This prejudice then saw Force Users in general labelled immediately as arrogant with a belief that none could be trusted with their randomly placed powers. In short, Natalis was left terrified of force users, even the Jai.

The Later Years

On Y19 D118, Natalis re-entered the academy and finished the day after. This was her first steps towards an unusual military career. Initially planning on joining a NAT, she was quickly convinced to join the NR Navy instead by none other than Helix Falks.

Natalis decided to leave the New Republic, and started up the manufacturing company Luxor Spaceworks on Y19 D279, together with former NRians Dan Russ and Lola Lunar.

Career History


Naval Command
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank O-1 Navy.png O-1 Year 19 Day 118 — ??? Ensign


Ministry of State
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank C-5 MoS.png C-5 Year 18 Day 138 — Year 18 Day 255 Minister of State
Rank C-4 MoS.png C-4 Year 12 Day 46 — Year 12 Day 255 Secretary of State

Galactic Alliance
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
- - Year 18 Day 60 — Year 18 Day 240 Secretary-General

Republic Diplomacy Command
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank C-4 RDC.png C-4 Year 19 Day 163 - Year 19 Day 266 Executive Ambassador
Rank C-5 RDC.png C-5 Year 17 Day 226 - Year 18 Day 3 High Ambassador
Rank C-1 RDC.png C-1 Unknown — Year 17 Day 226 Deputy Ambassador

Citations and Awards


Award Name Given By Date
High Ambassador's Citation High Ambassador's Citation High Ambassador Gand Xitwa Year 19 Day 282
New Republican of the Month New Republican of the Month - Year 18
Friendship Award Friendship Award Chief of State Endaro Kassan Year 17 Day 226
Chief of State's Medal Chief of State's Medal Chief of State Taka Aioko Year 12 Day 112
High Ambassador's Citation High Ambassador's Citation High Ambassador Cheda Quche Year 12 Day 47
Leadership Award Leadership Award - Year 11 Day 342
High Ambassador's Citation High Ambassador's Citation High Ambassador Jake Azzameen Year 9 Day 93


Award Name Given By Date
Operation Urgent Fury Operation Urgent Fury Jin Solas Year 19 Day 292