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Justice Department

The RAJD is an executive department of the Rebel Citizen Cabinet. The Rebel Alliance Intelligence also has a Attorney's Office to prosecute enemies of the Alliance and its allies. There are three essential roles for the Justice in the Rebel Alliance: judicial (appointed by RAC), prosecutorial (appointed by RAI), and defence (appointed by RCC or RAC). All three work to serve truth, the law and order. Judicial Officers preside over and/or decide cases must be confirmed by the Rebel Alliance Council or the Supreme Commander. Counselors prosecute cases on behalf of the Rebel Alliance. A defence counselor will be appointed if a defendant cannot obtain another.

Judicial Officers, or judges, hear cases on behalf of the Rebel Alliance. They impartially hear evidence, rule on matters of procedure, and independently determine the outcome of cases. In special occasions, the RAC may appoint a someone to serve as mediators, working to prevent conflicts from escalating to crimes.

Prosecuting counselors, known as Counselors or Prosecutors, are the Rebel Alliance Attorneys. They work with the Rebel Alliance Intelligence for the public interest through presenting advocacy and prosecuting criminal cases on behalf of the Rebel Alliance.

Defense counselors independently represent their clients to the best of their ability, ensuring defendants' fair say. Defense counselors on staff are appointed by the RCC to serve the defendant's interests when a defendant does not obtain private representation. Some volunteer their services to clients unable to find other representation.

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Xue Doba
Xue Doba

Rebel Alliance Judges

Every trial, three citizens are selected to serve as Judges, the most senior or experieced citizen is then selected to be the Presiding Judge. The Rebel Alliance Court of Justice uses citizens to serve as Judges. The Court is then formed.

Rebel Alliance Qualified Judges


To report criminal charges, please contact the Rebel Alliance Intelligence

Discord: RA Public Discord Server


Administrative Positions Prosecutorial Positions Judicial Positions Defence Positions
C-5 Secretaries of the RCC Rebel Alliance Intelligence Appointed Judges for the Trial (C-5 during the Trial)
C-4 Chief Procurator of Justice
(provides legal counseling to citizens)
C-2 Chief Prosecutor (for the trial) N/A Chief Public Defender
C-1 N/A Prosecutor (for the trial) N/A
O-6 N/A N/A N/A Public Defender
O-5 N/A N/A Deputy Public Defender
O-4 N/A N/A Assistant Public Defender