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Rebel Alliance
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Want to join?

Welcome to the New Republic Center of Recruitment!

By visiting us today, you've taken the first step towards joining the Fight for Freedom!

If you have questions please contact the Dean of Recruitment.

Additional contact details can be found here.

Military Recruitment

The New Republic Armed Forces are responsible for protecting the New Republic and her ideals and freeing sentients around the galaxy from the tyrannical grip of the Empire and its allies. Whether it be directing troops into battle with Army Command, leading a squadron of snubfighters with Starfighter Command, or commanding a fleet of capital ships with Naval Command, you can be sure you'll be doing it with the best military officers in the galaxy who have received some of the best military training there is to offer. There is a place for you in the military, regardless of race, gender, and upbringing; the only thing we ask in return is that you give it your all.

So, do you think you have what it takes to join?

New Republic Military: The Change is Forever

Please select one of the following images for more information on each specific command:

Army CommandNaval CommandStarfighter Command

Civilian Recruitment

The New Republic civilian sector is responsible for fostering prosperity in the New Republic territories, supplying the New Republic Military and New Republic citizens with goods, as well as general logistics within and without the Republic. Whether you are an aspiring architect who dreams of designing and constructing new cities, a formidable pilot, a future director of productions, an accomplished medic, or a passionate wrecker, you will be welcome to find your place within one of our Nationalised Corporations or the Ministries of Civil Engineering, Trade and Industry, or Natural Resources.

Additionally you will have the opportunity to take up various side jobs within the institutions of the New Republic like joining the Republic Diplomacy Command, the Morale Department (known as ARGH!!!), or the New Republic Academy. These are considered side jobs and are available to military personnel as well.

Seize the Day, Together!

Please select one of the following images for more information on each specific department:

Banner Recruitment MoTI.pngBanner Recruitment MoCE.pngBanner Recruitment MoNR.png

How do I join?

  1. Log into the Star Wars Combine. Create an account if you haven't already.
  2. Go to the Faction Join page, the Rebel Alliance should already be selected.
  3. Click 'Send Join Request'.
  4. You will receive a message with instructions. Send in the information as requested in the instructions.
  5. Your application will be processed in approximately 2-5 days (due to heightened security) and you will be sent a message with the result. If you do not receive notification within 3 days please contact
  6. Sign up for the Rebel Alliance Forums. Please make sure you use your in game name when signing up.
  7. Haven't picked your starting location yet? Then choose the Planet Rodia as your starting location, after being accepted in the Rebel Alliance.
  8. If you need to be picked up by one of our pilots and brought to the Academy or your first job, please contact Aeron Llywelyn Rees.

Please note:
Any applications with false or not completely true submitted information (like previous factions and ranks held) will be denied automatically. Spying attempts and illegal multi accounts will be reported to SWCombine administration.

For any questions you might have, please visit the New Republic Recruitment Department and contact one member of the staff.