Van Harrad

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Van Harrad
Van Harrad
Height 5´9´ (180cm)
Weight 187lbs (85kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Race Corellian
Gender Male
Homeworld Korriban
Family Father: Kour Harrad (deceased)

Mother: Napha Harrad (deceased)
Siblings: Arn Harrad and Birger Harrad

Spouse: None
Department Logistics Department
Rank Associate Minister of Logistics C-4
Positions Associate Minister of Logistics (retired)
Past positions Chief Logistics Administrator, CTS

Senator, New Republican Senate
Chief Logistics Administrator, CTS
Logistics Overlord, SoroSuub Munitions
Sluis Zone Logistical Leader, SoroSuub Corporation
Capital Ship Pilot, SoroSuub Corporation

Freighter Pilot, JUGANOTH Mining Corporation
Past affiliations Corellian Transport Services, Rebel Alliance, New Republic Senate, SoroSuub Munitions, SoroSuub Corporation, JUGANOTH Mining Corporation
Logistics Chief AwardPerlemian Star of FreedomLeadership AwardRepublic Service MedalRepublic Service MedalRepublic Service MedalRepublic Service Medal

Physical Description

Van Harrad is a rather normal sized man without any distinguishing physical features, commonly sized both in length and weight. His hair is usually messy laying in all directions, although he has been seen with something similar to a buzz cut, speculations indicate this is when he has met someone special or someone has commented that his hair looks like that of a nerf. Something distinguishing Van however, is his very dark blue eyes, despite looking rather scruffy, his eyes and gaze have a feeling of authority over it. He is rarely seen without his personal droid R1-C8 "Seight", nor without his trusty B-22 Blaster, in fact, it is one of the first B-22 blasters ever produced, including several special and unique upgrades and features. An item back from the days when he lead SoroSuub Munitions.


Van was born on Korriban, he grew up with parents not taking much notice of him. He was his own master and often left the residence to visit the starport. There he met with the pilots and helped them to earn some credits. When he got older he left his home and parents and traveled with a Firespray pilot with promises of work. Van paid the pilot with almost all his savings, naturally the pilot was a complete pirate and abandoned Van on Tatooine. Van was now lost and alone.

He managed to get job as speeder driver, he drove customers across the giant deserts of Tatooine. Once again his employer ripped him off and fired Van. Van was once again, alone and poor. He used his last savings to become a pilot. He proved to be a natural, learning the basics and advanced steps very quickly. He graduated and became a gifted pilot without ship or job.

One day Van and a friend headed to the Civic Center with hopes of finding a job. Van's friend quickly found a job as a pilot in the Rebel Alliance, Van in the other hand wandered for hours looking for something that fitted him. When he was seriously thinking on giving up, he saw a large poster on one of the boards. JUGANOTH Mining Corporation Seeks Mine Operators, Prospectors and Freighter pilots" Van contacted their leader. Owyn Darklighter Who greeted Van with respect and dignity, Owyn decided to employ Van. A transport was sent and Van had finally left the sandy dunes of Tatooine behind, for now.

Van grew as a person and pilot in JUGANOTH, flying Bulk Freighters with materials and loved doing it. During this time, Van was introduced to the SoroSuub Corporation, a Corporation led by Adam A Flynn. He learned that JUGANOTH was merely a part of something bigger, something destined for great things.

After some time, Van helped in Vessel Logistics, relocating ships and vehicles. He must have been good at it because after the giant merge with the Galactic Riviera, Van was appointed to Manage the Vessel Logistics Department. Van was of course honored and overwhelmed. He took it very seriously and quickly started to organize and work.

Shorty after the merge. Adam A Flynn asked Van if he would be interested to become faction leader of Riviera Trident, the conglomerate's weapon producing faction. Mainly for safekeeping, he thought, but nevertheless he, of course agreed, seeing this as a great opportunity to really make a name for himself. When Van took helm, Riviera Trident was renamed SoroSuub Munitions. During that time, the famous operation known as "Kuati Dawn" took place, where over 600 Imperial Space Entities were stolen by SoroSuub Forces, sadly, the Operation had to go off early so Van didn't make there in time, yet his good friend Chak Karrde (R.I.P) participated. Logistics was later reorganized, Van became Logistics leader of the "Sluis Zone", as it was known within SoroSuub's Logistics personnel. The Head of Logistics, a man named Kurami Jankov however abused his powers and his loyalties weren't where SoroSuub wanted them to be. Van was appointed his predecessor as Head of Logistics. It was around this time-period that Johnny Moon entered service, the two quickly became friends, Johnny was appointed 2:nd in command over SSM and Logistics XO shortly. Here is when the real life began. Logistics as a whole moved to SoroSuub Munitions including most of the personnel and ships. A Headquarters was built and a Industrial Area in the main city on Losval was also built. Van was now semi-involved in Production, together with Alec Trevelyan. It was around this period that Jim Blitz came into SSM. Van also became close friend with Jim, who proved to have a neck for Construction and Production, thus he was appointed responsible for those specific areas. SSM and Logistics thrived for many many months. Next step in Van's life was a sad one. His best friend in SoroSuub, Rick Shaw, who had left SSC in quest for a new life was tried for Conspiracy and Attempt to Assassinate Adam A. Flynn. Rushing to his friend's aid in the courtroom after the conspiracy was foiled, Van failed to make the court spare Rick Shaw's life. Something that still haunts Van to this very day. Erlier, when Al�Dindra C'Baoth, who led the former Riviera Conglomerate, retired from his working life a certain precious possession of his was the Modded YV-666 'Avenger', Rick Shaw had inherited it. Only days before Rick's execution, Van was given the ship. It has remained in his personal possession ever since, the pearl among pearls.

After several months, another great happening occurred. The SoroSuub Corporation and the Rebel Alliance combined themselves forming the New Republic. Van Harrad remained as Head of Logistics (renamed Chief Logistics Administrator) sadly, he had to leave SSM, but found strength in the knowledge that he left it in the careful hands of his friend Jim Blitz. Instead, Van Harrad found himself leader of Corellian Transport Services. Together with his newly found friends Azzi Blackgate, Kit Lorcan, Erdan Morusk and Mosiah Brightblade, he continued to lead the Logistics Division of the mighty New Republic.

Now found with being a much more public figure, Van decided to run for Senator. Maradin Sandwalker was elected Chief of State. Van begin campaigning for what he believed in, he felt that he got good response and felt confident about becoming a Senator in the New Republican Senate. However, he could not foresee the election-results. Year 8, Day 137. Van Harrad was announced winner of the Senate election. He was the candidate who got the most votes. The Rebel Alliance grew under the leadership of Van Harrad, creating strongholds in Xappyh Sector as well as Sluis.. The planet Valadain was colonized by the Corellian Transport Services, and grew to be a medium-size planet in Omwat System. It is here that Van Harrad's current residence is located.

After a long successful period in the Corellian Transport Services, Van Harrad left his position as leader and Chief Logistics Administrator for personal reasons, his parents had died, not that Van cared much about them, but he did care about his two younger brothers who now stood with the family business all alone.

Van and his brothers sold the business on Korriban and began to create a resort in another part of the galaxy. Meanwhile, Van kept his ties to Corellian Transport Services aiding them as an advisor. Staying away for almost a year getting the business up and running, once his two brothers had everything under control and the establishment started to make profit, Van's longing for CTS and his friends became too strong. When is old friend Johnny Moon told him he had been found attuned to the Force and was going to join the Jedi Order, Van could not turn down coming back to CTS as it's Chief Logistics Administrator. While he had been away, many things had changed, for the better. So Van returned to his old friends, found new friends and reinitiated his friendship with Jareel S`jet, who has been with him for a very long time also.

After successfully leading CTS and NR Logistics for another year, a new challenge reached Van. Problems with the New Republican Information Faction Rebel Alliance had reached critical levels and Van was asked to oversee a new start for the faction, after discussing the matter with those closest, Van and his team decided to take on the task, reciving help from his old friend Jareel.

Career History



Citations and Awards


Award Name Given By Date
Logistics Chief Award Logistics Chief Award - -
Perlemian Star of Freedom Perlemian Star of Freedom - Year 11 Day 342
Leadership Award Leadership Award - Year 10 Day 285
Republic Service Medal Republic Service Medal - Year 8 Day 204
Republic Service Medal Republic Service Medal - -
Republic Service Medal Republic Service Medal - -
Republic Service Medal Republic Service Medal - -


Award Name Given By Date
Operation Forging Freedom Operation Forging Freedom - -
Joint Operation Ribbon Joint Operation Ribbon - -