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Current Positions

This pages contains positions in the Rebel Alliance meaning to be transcluded in other pages.

If a position is not filled the proper value to enter is Vacant.


Supreme Commander: Orion Chran

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|SC}}

Director of Rebel Development & Production Department: Coren Rinou

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|RDPD}}

Director of Rebel Mining & Recycling Department: Owyn Darklighter

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|RMRD}}

Chief of Military Operations: Josh Jericho

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|CMO}}

Deputy Chief of Military Operations: Larry Turner

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|DCMO}}

Chief of Operations Officer: Ily Zacri

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|COO}}

Chief of Army Command: Vacant

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|CAC}}

Chief of Naval Command: Vacant

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|CNC}}

Chief of Starfighter Command: Vacant

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|CSC}}

Director of Rebel Alliance Intelligence: Darcks Galvan

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|DRAI}}

Secretary of Rebel Citizen Cabinet : Jonas Kanuteau

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|RCC1}}

Secretary of Rebel Citizen Cabinet : Xue Doba

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|RCC2}}

Deputies & Associate Ministers

Deputy Chief of Army Command: Darcks Galvan

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|DDCAC}}

Deputy Chief of Naval Command: Vacant

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|DDCNC}}

Deputy Chief of Starfighter Command:

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|DDCSC}}

Deputy Director of Rebel Development & Production Department: Tengri Lethas

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|DDRDPD}}

Deputy Director of Rebel Mining & Recycling Department: Luuda Kusaak

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|DDRMRD}}

Deputy Director of the Rebel Security Forces:

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|DDRSF}}

Department Leaders

Academy Administrator: Fred Python

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|Academy Administrator}}

Chief of the Military Liaison Office:

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|CMLO}}

Reserve Leader: Owyn Darklighter

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|Reserve Leader}}

Reserve XO: Tidus Rose

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|Reserve XO}}

Civil Engineer: Vacant

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|CE Leader}}

NAT Leaders

Leader of Corellian Transport Services: Aeron Llywelyn Rees

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|CTS Leader}}

Leader of Incom Corporation: Caisava Chelski

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|IC Leader}}

Leader of Industrial Automaton: Bara Fur

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|IA Leader}}

Leader of JUGANOTH Mining Corporation: Owyn Darklighter

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|JMC Leader}}

Leader of Republic Medical: Robert Derr

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|RM Leader}}

PSA Leaders

Leader of Freitek Inc.: Robby Rae

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|FI Leader}}

Leader of The Medical Circle: Jay Ceveri

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|TMC Leader}}

Leader of The Inner Circle: Nitocris Baivan

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|TIC Leader}}

Leader of Galvan Conglomerate: Numenusty Haresym

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|GC Leader}}

Leader of Phoenix Salvage: Roga McBea

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|PS Leader}}

Misc positions

Director of Culture: Vacant

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|Curator}}

Grand Historian: Vacant

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|Grand Historian}}


{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|Editor-in-Chief}}

Cultural Affairs:

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|Cultural Affairs}}

Artist Supreme:

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|Artist Supreme}}


{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|Uberjester}}

Cultural Event Planning: Vacant

{{:Rebel Alliance Positions|CEP Leader}}