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The Rebel Alliance was an idealistic organization that opposed the Galactic Empire and the tyranny that it considered it to be. During its existence from Year -2 to Year 8, the organization served as the principal opponent of the Empire. On Year 8 Day 98, the Rebel Alliance and the colossal SoroSuub Corporation merged to establish the New Republic.

Declaration of Intent

We, the beings of the Rebel Alliance, do this day send forth this Declaration to His Majesty, the Emperor, and to all sentient beings in the galaxy, to make clear to all the Purposes and Goals of this Rebellion. We firmly acknowledge the importance and necessity of the institution of Galactic Government. We believe that the Galactic Government derives its power and right to rule from the consent of the governed. We believe that, should the rights of free beings be willfully and malignantly usurped, it is the unalienable right of said beings to alter or abolish said Government. We believe that the Galactic Empire has willfully and malignantly usurped the rights of the free beings of our galaxy and therefore, it is our unalienable right to abolish it from the galaxy. We do not take this course lightly. Government long established should not be changed for light and transient causes, but when a Government displays a history of usurpation, abuse and moral atrocity, displaying a clear design to subjugate totally and absolutely beings born free under the auspices of nature, it is our right - our duty - to depose that Government. The history of the present Galactic Empire is of repeated injuries upon its members, with the direct objective of establishing you, the Emperor, as absolute tyrant over the galaxy: You have disbanded the senate, the voice of the people; You have instituted a policy of blatant racism and genocide against the non-human peoples of the galaxy; You have overthrown the chosen rules of planets, replacing them with Moffs and governors of your choice; You have raised taxes without the consent of those taxed; You have murdered and imprisoned millions without benefit of trial; You have unlawfully taken land and property; You have extended the military far beyond what is necessary and prudent, for the sole purpose of oppressing your subjects. We, the Rebel Alliance, do, therefore, in the name - and by authority - of the free beings of the galaxy, solemnly publish and declare our intentions: To fight and oppose you and your forces, by any and all means at our disposal; To refuse any Imperial law contrary to the rights of free beings; to bring about your destruction of the Galactic Empire; To make forever free all beings in the galaxy. We additionally pledge to defend freedom across all bounds, and to defend the natural unalienable rights of all against any group that seeks their unlawful repression or rule. To these ends, we pledge our property, our honor and our lives.

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High Command

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Civil Commands

Alliance Diplomacy Command

Seal RA Diplomacy Command.gif
Diplomacy Command is an elite group of diplomats who seek peaceful solutions whenever and wherever possible for the best of the Rebel Alliance and the rest of the Galaxy. In addition to that monumental responsibility, Diplomacy has an additional and equally important job - gathering business partners, friends and allies in the Galaxy for the struggles between the Rebel Alliance and its enemies.

Rebel Intelligence

Seal RA CRI.gif
The Center of Rebel Intelligence has various tasks within the Rebel Alliance. Primarily it monitors all channels of communication to gain more information and also makes sure other information is kept safe.We find intelligence on all important areas of the galaxy; monitoring enemy fleet and army movements, reconnaissance of unknown planetary systems, investigation of enemy construction and R&D etc. Secondarily CRI deals with internal security: finding infiltrators, hunting down defectors and the backgrounds checks of all new cadets. Furthermore CRI handles rescue missions for enemy defectors, captured allies and downed pilots.

Interior Command

Interior Command is in service to make sure that many of the basic building blocks of the Alliance are kept in order. The Command’s main purpose is to back up the military commands, and to ensure that any tasks that may arise are accomplished, so that the fight against enemies of the Rebel Alliance can continue. Divisions of Interior:

  • Academy:

Seal RA Interior Command Academy.gif
The Academy is tasked with the training and smooth transition of our cadets from new members of the Alliance to full time active members of the various commands. The academy is often where the first connections and friendships are formed within the Alliance.

  • Engineering Corps:

Engineering command is mainly responsible for all (planetary) construction, mining, R&D and production needed for improvement and expansion of the Rebel Alliance.

  • Transport Corps:

Logo RA Transport.gif
Led by Corellian Transport Services, Transport Command is responsible for hauling materials and ships, as well as picking up and dropping off new cadets and officers to their designated locations.

  • Medical Corps:

The goals of MedCom are to heal those in need of healing, to perform life-saving operations and to perform medical research to help further the medical goals of the Rebel Alliance. MedCom performs this by working closesly with R&D to further fields such as Cybernetics and Surgery procedures. MedCom utilises those who are Full-time or Part-time. Full-time members work in Alliance Hospitals, working for the greater good. Part-time members work on the field, as Fleet, Flight, or Field medics.

  • Nationalized Subsidiaries Corps:

Interior Command is charged with making sure that each nationalized subsidiary is able to work, and help the Alliance. Most of these connections occur at the higher end of Interior.

Military Commands

Naval Command

Seal RA Naval Command.gif
Naval Command is lead by a military officer with the position title of Chief of Naval Command and rank of High Admiral. The Naval Command is responsible for the organization and operation of Alliance Capital ships, as organized into Fleets, and Space Defense Stations. The Naval High Command Officer is responsible for communicating the decisions of the High Command to the Battle Group and Defense Group Command Staff. The Chief of the Navy is responsible for ensuring proper Fleet integration in Battle and Defense Groups. The CMO may add further responsibilities to the Naval High Commander portfolio.

Starfighter Command

Seal RA SFC.gif
Starfighter Command is lead by a military officer with the position title of Chief of Starfighter Command and rank of High Marshall. The Starfighter Command is responsible for the organization and operation of Alliance Fighters, as organized into Wings. The Starfighter High Command Officer is responsible for communicating the decisions of the High Command to the Battle Group and Defense Group Command Staff. The Chief of the SFC is responsible for ensuring proper Wing integration in Battle and Defense Groups. The CMO may add further responsibilities to the Starfighter High Commander portfolio.

Army Command

Seal RA Army Command.gif
Army Command is lead by a military officer with the position title of Chief of Army Command and rank of High General. The Army Command is responsible for the organization and operation of Alliance ground forces and vehicles, as organized into Divisions, and the continuous operation of Alliance ground based defenses. The Army Command is also responsible for safeguarding Naval ships and Space Stations against enemy boarding while themselves boarding enemy ships and installations. The Army High Command Officer is responsible for communicating the decisions of the High Command to the Battle Group and Defense Group Command Staff. The Chief of Army is responsible for ensuring proper Division integration in Battle and Defense Groups. The CMO may add further responsibilities to the Army High Commander portfolio.

Alliance Doctrine

Doctrine of the Rebel Alliance


  • Founded Year -2
  • Dissolved Year 8 Day 98

The Alliance to Restore the Republic began shortly after the full scope of the Empire became known. After the Clone Wars, and after the military was put under the lone control of the Chancellor, who later declared himself Emperor, seeds of discontent began to be sown throughout those disillusioned beings of the Galaxy. People began to work against the corrupt centrally controlled Empire, with more and more people abused and even killed by its iron first of tyranny. System after system falling under the white jackboots of the Stormtroopers. Finally, beings of like mind began to join together and organise into the beginning of the Alliance: it's aim, to restore dignity, accountability, and justice to Galactic government, by returning the rule of the Republic. The Alliance has grown in the past years, sentient beings flocking to the banner of righteousness, some to avenge the wrongs perpetrated upon them by the Empire, others out of principles and beliefs. All who work towards our common goal are welcome in our ranks. Many factions, companies, and groups have also allied themselves with us, creating a true Alliance of all those who oppose the Emperor and his lackeys. Our forces have been growing out in the depths of the Outer Rim, working towards the day when the Imperial Palace on Coruscant finally falls. In Republica, our home system, hope survives and the future is bright.

Ranks and Organization

Grade Naval Command Starfighter Command Army Command
Flag/General Ranks
C-5 High Admiral
Rank C-5 RA Navy.gif
High Marshal
Rank C-5 RA SFC.jpg
High General
Rank C-5 RA Army.gif
C-4 Admiral
Rank C-4 RA Navy.gif
Rank C-4 RA SFC.jpg
Rank C-4 RA Army.gif
C-3 Vice Admiral
Rank C-3 RA Navy.gif
Vice Marshal
Rank C-3 RA SFC.jpg
Lieutenant General
Rank C-3 RA Army.gif
C-2 Rear Admiral
Rank C-2 RA Navy.gif
Rank C-2 RA SFC.jpg
Major General
Rank C-2 RA Army.gif
C-1 Commodore
Rank C-1 RA Navy.gif
Lieutenant Colonel
Rank C-1 RA SFC.jpg
Brigadier General
Rank C-1 RA Army.gif
Senior Officer Ranks
O-6 Captain
Rank O-6 RA Navy.gif
Rank O-6 RA SFC.jpg
Rank O-6 RA Army.gif
O-5 Commander
Rank O-5 RA Navy.gif
Rank O-5 RA SFC.jpg
Lieutenant Colonel
Rank O-5 RA Army.gif
O-4 Lieutenant Commander
Rank O-4 RA Navy.gif
Lieutenant Commander
Rank O-4 RA SFC.jpg
Rank O-4 RA Army.gif
Junior Officer Ranks
O-3 Lieutenant
Rank O-3 RA Navy.gif
Rank O-3 RA SFC.jpg
Rank O-3 RA Army.gif
O-2 Lieutenant (JG)
Rank O-2 RA Navy.gif
Lieutenant (JG)
Rank O-2 RA SFC.jpg
1st Lieutenant
Rank O-2 RA Army.gif
O-1 Ensign
Rank O-1 RA Navy.gif
Flight Officer
Rank O-1 RA SFC.jpg
2nd Lieutenant
Rank O-1 RA Army.gif
Officer Cadets
E-1 Naval Cadet
Rank E-1 RA Navy.gif
Flight Cadet
Rank E-1 RA SFC.jpg
Rank E-1 RA Army.gif


Supreme Commander

  • Supreme Commander Phymp Mindano (Year 6 - Year 8 Day 12)
    • Supreme Commander (Acting) Chrono Van Talisman (Year 6)
  • Supreme Commander Maradin Sandwalker (Year 6)
  • Supreme Commander Avatar Voidrunner (Year 4 - Year 6)
  • Supreme Commander Max Fors (Year 3 - Year 4)
  • Supreme Commander Relm Hesek (Year 3)
  • President Cyrus Cloudwalker (Year 2 - Year 3)
  • President David "Dr. Fro" Salohah (Year 2)
    • Supreme Commander (Acting) Lysander (Year 2)
  • Supreme Commander Shae Briston(Year 1 Day 341 - Year 2 Day 150)
  • Supreme Commander Fox Spookers (Year 0 - Year 1)
  • Supreme Commander Mon Akira (Year 0)
  • Supreme Commander Aarkon (Year 0)
  • Supreme Commander Targ Seth'Gul (Year -1 - Year 0)
  • Supreme Commander Hobbes (Year -1)
  • Supreme Commander Nick Davies (Year -1)
  • Supreme Commander Princess Solo (Year -1)
  • Supreme Commander Hobbes (Year -1)
  • Supreme Commander Zee Wolf (Year -1)
  • Supreme Commander Maverick (Year -2 - Year -1)
  • Supreme Commander Jacen Lord (Year -3 - Year -2)

Chief of Military Operations

  • High Marshal Thies Windu (~Year 7 Day 42 - Year 8 Day 12)
  • High Admiral Chrono van Talisman (~Year 6 Day 193 - ~Year 7 Day 11)
    • Frollo the White (Acting) (~Year 6 day 72 - ~Year 6 Day 193)
  • High Admiral Chrono van Talisman (~Year 4 Day 314 - ~Year 6 Day 72)
  • High Admiral Lysander (~Year 2 Day 10- ~Year 4 Day 314)
  • Chief of Operations Aves Larkin (~Year 1 Day 253 - ~Year 2 Day 10)
  • High Admiral Lysander (~Year 1 Day 40 - ~Year 1 Day 253)
  • Vang Tyrridon (~Year 1 Day 9 - ~Year 1 Day 40)
  • NO COO (~Year 0 Day 283 - ~Year 1 Day 9)
  • High Admiral Fox Spookers (~Year 0 Day 160 - ~Year 0 Day 283)
  • Maverick (Year -3 - Year -2)

Chief of Army Command

(Formerly Planetary/Ground/Special Forces/Marines)

  • High General Edyn Solers (~Year 6 Day 132 - Year 8 Day 12)
  • High General Elm Aran (~Year 6 Day 42 - ~Year 6 Day 132)
  • High General Cevin McClane (~Year 5 Day 101 - ~Year 6 Day 42)
  • High General Ken Jui Febuary (~Year 4 Day 72 - ~Year 5 Day 101)
  • High General Droldar (~Year 4 Day 41 - ~Year 4 Day 72)
  • High General Super Reb (? - ~Year 4 Day 41)
  • High General Droldar (~Year 3 Day 345 - ?)
  • High General Leveler (~Year 3 Day 131 - ~Year 3 Day 345)
  • High General Super_Reb (? - ~Year 3 Day 131)
  • High General Squall Chitose (~Year 2 Day 41 - ?)
  • High General Sketch Fett (~Year 1 Day 345 - ~Year 2 Day 41)
  • High General Shae Briston (~Year 1 Day 71 - ~Year 1 Day 345)
  • High General Super_Reb (Year 0 - ~Year 1 Day 71)
  • High General Corran Horn (Year 0)
  • High General Kast Derrn(Year -1 - (Year 0)
  • High General Crackerjack (Year -1)
  • High General Conix (Year -2 - Year -1)

Chief of Starfighter Command

  • High Marshal Jax Dorvek - Year 7 Day 213 - Year 8 Day 12
  • High Marshal Mecho Rykspin - Year 7 Day 32 - Year 7 Day 213
  • High Marshal Thies Windu - Year 6 Day 122 - Year 7 Day 32
  • High Marshal Tucker - Year 4 Day 304 - Year 6 Day 122
  • High Marshal Avatar Voidrunner - Year 3 Day 62 - Year 4 Day 304
  • High Marshal Max Fors - Year 2 Day 274 - Year 3 Day 62
  • High Marshal Ashe - Year 1 Day 304 - Year 2 Day 274
  • High Marshal Omega Psiphi - Year 1 Day 61 - Year 1 Day 304
  • High Marshal Mystic Rune - Year 1 Day 30 - Year 1 Day 61
  • High Marshal Knnos - Year 0 Day 150 - Year 1 Day 30
  • High Marshal Mon Akira? - Year 0 - Year 0 Day 150
  • Air Chief Marshal Gilthanas - Year -1
  • Air Chief Marshal Atog - Year -2
  • Air Chief Marshal Zee Wolf - Year -3

Chief of Naval Command

  • High Admiral Atoris Ligauten June 2005 - ??
  • High Admiral Phymp Mindano October 2003 - June 2005
  • High Admiral Chrono van Talisman April 2003 - October 2003
  • High Admiral Bisz Aldaris December 2000 - April 2003
  • High Admiral Lysander September 1999 - December 2000
  • High Admiral Fox Spookers May 1999 - September 1999
  • High Admiral Ariela Darknight 1999
  • High Admiral Hobbes 1997 - 1998
  • High Admiral Zee Wolf 1996

Chief of Diplomacy Command

  • High Ambassador Reajiad Nero October 2006 - ??
  • High Ambassador Jake Azzameen May 2006 - October 2006
  • High Ambassador Acria Xinge November 2004 - April 2006
  • High Ambassador Bengro Evabri Feb 2004 - November 2004
  • High Ambassador Luddo Nadd January 2004 - Feburary 2004
  • High Ambassador Raven Lumi - January 2004
  • High Ambassador Super Reb April 2003 -
  • High Ambassador Reajiad Nero March 2002 - April 2003
  • High Ambassador Relm Hassek May 2001 - March 2002
  • High Ambassador Shae Briston February 2001 - May 2001
  • High Ambassador Borgsturp December 2000 - February 2001
  • High Ambassador Acria Larkin April 2000 - December 2000
  • High Ambassador Tanel Aline December 1999 - March 2000
  • High Ambassador Paraic November 1999 - December 1999
  • High Ambassador Rudy Starr September 1999 - November 1999
  • High Ambassador Corran Horn 1998

Chief of Centre of Rebel Intelligence

(Formerly Secret Service)

  • Director Nim Orlan September 2006 - present
  • Director Frollo the White June 2004 - August 2006
  • Director Nim Orlan August 2002 - June 2004
  • Director Lazarus Metzen May 2002 - August 2002
  • Director Frollo the White July 2001 - May 2002
  • Director David Salohah September 2000 - May 2001
  • Director Liquid Snake Febuary 2000 - September 2000
  • Director Vang Tyrridon November 1999 - January 2000
  • Director Handy September 1999 - November 1999
  • Director Rhynna Corinth May 1999 - September 1999

Chief of Interior Command

  • Chief Dan Russ
  • Chief Zeff Traner September 2006 - present
  • Chief Jimothy Qrrrg September 2005 - August 2006
  • Chief Luke Skydwarfer May 2004 - September 2005
  • Chief Jahu Skyla October 2003
  • Chief Lyellin April 2002 -
  • Chief Ekulan Rostar
  • Chief Devotion 9
  • Chief Moleman Febuary 2000 -
  • Chief Suba November 1999 - Febuary 2000
  • Chief Atruejedi November 1999
  • Chief Kell Tainer August 1999 - November 1999
  • Chief Anti-Tarkin June 1999 - August 1999
  • Chief Fox Spookers May 1999 - June 1999