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Justice Department

The NRJD is an executive department of the Ministry of State. It is split into three branches: judicial, prosecutorial, and defence. All three work to serve truth, the law and order. Judicial Officers preside over and/or decide cases must be confirmed by the Senate. Republic counselors prosecute cases on behalf of the New Republic. A defence counselor will be appointed if a defendant cannot obtain another.

Judicial Officers, or judges, hear cases on behalf of the New Republic. They impartially hear evidence, rule on matters of procedure, and independently determine the outcome of cases. Some serve as mediators, working to prevent conflicts from escalating to crimes.

Prosecuting counselors, known as Republic Counselors, are the New Republic state attorneys. They work with the Associate Minister for the public interest through presenting advocacy and prosecuting criminal cases on behalf of the New Republic.

Defence counselors independently represent their clients to the best of their ability, ensuring defendants' fair say. Defence counselors on staff are appointed to serve the defendant's interests when a defendant does not obtain private representation. Some volunteer their services to clients unable to find other representation.

Minister of State


Associate Minister of Justice


New Republic Qualified Judges

Judges and above will be expected to preside over commissions for crimes of any level. Magistrates will ordinarily serve as presiding judicial officer only over Class III crimes and lower. Commissioners will ordinarily not preside in trials for crimes higher than Class IV.

New Republic's Judges Emeriti

A judge who retires from regular duty may be retained provided the judge maintains all other requirements to serve as a Judge.

  • Magistrate Gothar Elensar
  • Judge Valerie DeGalan
  • Magistrate Jahu Skyla
  • Magistrate Josh Jericho
  • Magistrate Roga McBea
  • Magistrate Vonar Passik
  • Magistrate Phoenix Firewind
  • Magistrate Tidus Rose
  • Judge Grath Gelenek
  • Judge Jin Solas
  • Justice Gryffyn "The Hutt" Grayurra
  • Judge Popara "The Hutt" Anjiliac Diresto
  • Justice Phymp Mindano
  • Judge Husqr Dara
  • Magistrate Mazzic Cron
  • Judge Franco Nejo
  • Judge Andrew Harris
  • Judge Lobacca Varss

New Republic Prosecutors

Types of Crimes

Class I-III are serious crimes & felonies, with Class I crimes being the highest; Class IV are misdemeanours, and Class V, the lowest are infractions. Felonies bar convicts from holding office.

Other Services

The Justice Department also offers a Mediation and Arbitration service. If you have a conflict or a problem with another New Republic citizen, please contact the Associate Minister of Justice, Katie Tonks, for further assistance.

The Justice Department also offers defence services for those unable to obtain other representation.

Associate Ministers of Justice

Main Page: History of Leadership

To report criminal charges, please contact the Associate Minister of Justice



Administrative Positions Prosecutorial Positions Judicial Positions Defence Positions
C-5 Minister of State (MoS)
C-4 Associate Minister of Justice
C-2 Chief Republic Counselor Chief Justice Chief Public Defender
C-1 Deputy Chief Republic Counselor Justice Deputy Chief Public Defender
O-6 Republic Counselor Judge Public Defender
O-5 Deputy Republic Counselor Magistrate Deputy Public Defender
O-4 Assistant Republic Counselor Commissioner Assistant Public Defender