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The Armed Forces Reserve provide an opportunity for the civilians of the New Republic to get involved directly in the fight for freedom. Many of them are already indirectly involved, through their day jobs, producing the weapons and technology that officers carry in battle. But for some this is not enough, they want to get directly involved, they want to carry a weapon and take the fight to the enemies of the Republic.

In joining the Reserve, you are required to dedicate a particular percentage of your time to the military and the tasks that come with that. In return Reservists are given a military rank, military equipment to use whilst on tour and the best training the Armed Forces can provide. Many of our Reservists find themselves fighting alongside regular officers, in both training exercises and for real.

If you are a citizen of the New Republic and wish to join the Reserve, please contact a member of High Command.


Leader of the Reserve

Owyn Darklighter
Brigadier General
Owyn Darklighter
Rank C-1 Reserve.png