Gryffyn Grayurra

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Gryffyn Grayurra
Gryffyn Grayurra
Gryffyn "The Hutt" Grayurra
Hair Color None
Eye Color Yellow
Race Hutt
Gender Asexual
Joined Y8
Rank C-1
Positions Armed Forces Reserve Colonel
Past positions High Ambassador, Associate Minister of Justice, New Republic Army Brigadier General, Senator, Culture Team Administrator
Spirit of the Law AwardOperational Service AwardPerlemian Star of FreedomFriendship AwardCommunity AwardCommunity AwardLeadership AwardHigh Ambassador's CitationMediation Excellency AwardMilitary Exercise MedalOperation Unknown SignalChief of State's MedalGroup Commander's Citation

Citations and Awards


Award Name Given By Date
Spirit of the Law Award Spirit of the Law Award - Year 19 Day 39
Operational Service Award Operational Service Award - Year 18 Day 329
Perlemian Star of Freedom Perlemian Star of Freedom - Year 18 Day 290
Friendship Award Friendship Award - Year 17 Day 226
Community Award Community Award - Year 15 Day 232
Community Award Community Award - Year 15 Day 88
Leadership Award Leadership Award - Year 14 Day 201
High Ambassador's Citation High Ambassador's Citation - Year 14 Day 3
Mediation Excellency Award Mediation Excellency Award - Year 13 Day 195


Award Name Given By Date
Military Exercise Medal Military Exercise Medal - Year 18 Day 290
Operation Unknown Signal Operation Unknown Signal - Year 18
Chief of State's Medal Chief of State's Medal - Year 17 Day 226
Group Commander's Citation Group Commander's Citation - Year 14 Day 174