EF65 Meridian-class Frigate

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Entity Information
Name: NRS Arc of Friendship
Identifier: 536650
Date of Manufacture: Y18D142
Date of Acquisition: Y18D205
Acquisition Method: Donation
Acquisition Source: Arco Serle
Location: Docking Bay 1
Collection: Light Cruisers

EF65 Meridian-class Frigate.png

This frigate is one of five exclusive vessels. Arco Serle, Headmaster of the New Republic's Academy, took part in an Operation to free the Tynnani system from space bandits (http://www.swcombine.com/community/news/display.php?postID=40887).

When interviewed by the Museum Board, Mr. Serle affirmed the following.
"On Year 18 Day 142, the first reports came in from various sources saying that a desperate distress signal had come in from the Tynna Sector. Four ships seemed to have been damaged and stranded by bandits. The broadcast was weak and seemed to be blocked by a combination of signal jamming and asteroid field interference. Only a few words came through initially: "....andits!..." Static made it impossible to understand most of the noise. "....need help... ship yours... save us..."

There was little public information beyond this. The New Republic Armed Forces (NRAF) were listening though, and were quick to mobilize a massive search and rescue effort.

At that time, I was serving as a Flight Lieutenant in Starfighter Command, and was commanding an Auxiliary Fighter-Interceptor Squadron. We were operating in the relative vicinity of the Tynna Sector and got dispatched with all due speed while the coordination effort among the NRAF and the NR government geared up. An MC-80b Star Cruiser was also rerouted with a full compliment of of A-, B-, and X-wing starfighters to rescue the frigates of unknown design and affiliation. When the searches for the unknown signal sources initiated on the Tynna sector, a joint task force consisting of the New Republic, Invid Order, and The Resistance was quickly formed under the command of Jedi Knight Gothar Elensar. Joining the Mon Cal cruiser was the Victory I-class Star Destroyer RMS Incursion and Ardent-class fast frigate Attilius, along with numerous additional fighter squadrons and reconnaissance freighters.

When the Invid Order discovered the first stranded Meridian-class frigate in an asteroid field, a call for assistance was immediately dispatched through the joint task force at approximately 09:50 on Y18D149. A steady stream of allied starfighter squadrons continuously arrived throughout the next several hours, engaging the growing force of hostile gunboats and starfighters in an attempt to rescue the distressed frigate and its stranded survivors. At approximately 13:30 of the same day, the hostile forces had been eliminated and the Meridian frigate secured and provided with an escort back to the Tynnani system. This scenario played out two more times for the safe recovery of three frigates at the hands of the New Republic's joint task force, though the fourth Meridian was boarded and captured by The Exchange while the allied task force was occupied with rescuing the third.

TDF Alpha (now known as NRS Arc of Friendship) was the third ship found by the joint task force. After being discovered by a NR civilian search and rescue crew, my squadron was the first military asset to arrive on scene and remained throughout the entire battle. My squad alone tallied 45 kills, as the combined forces obliterated 11 squads of bandit fighters and gunships. The battle was truly epic... lasting the longest with the most enemies of all our engagements. Allied pilots present included: Galen Darksol, Endaro Kassan, Arco Serle, Lars Smits, Coren Rinou, Vonar Passik, Crueya Vandron, Owyn Darklighter, Jen Eyan, and Manhu Ranger.

The Tynnan Mayor, Chompins McLoggers, later expressed the gratitude of all Tynnans by awarding four Meridian frigates to those who came to their assistance. The first and second Meridians were gifted to New Republic officers Vonar Passik and Arco Serle, who donated them to the Invid Order and New Republic, respectively, as a result of the joint task force's success. The third was awarded to Lahasa Fy, who uniquely opted to retain possession of the vessel, despite being contacted by an innumerable amount of traders and collectors. The fourth, which was stationed at Tynna, was granted to Matt Solomon for discovering and revealing the Tynnani system to the galaxy.

I did feel very fortunate to be trusted with ownership of the Meridian on behalf of the Tynnan people, but I felt it would best serve as a beacon of light (fun fact: I had originally named it NRS Arc of Light, but someone in NR renamed it Friendship) and a testament to the good will of the NR, who was ready to come to the rescue when the call for help went out. The simple fact is I also would never have won it without using NR fighters, without having other NR pilots cover my six hour, and without the skill of NR's allies too. So really the NR won it."