Coren Rinou

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Coren Rinou
Coren Rinou
Height 2.07 meters
Weight 90kg
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black with a red tint
Race Nautolan
Gender Male
Born Year -11 Day 352
Homeworld Glee Anselm
Family Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Siblings: Joren Rinou
Department Ministry of Civil Engineering, Ministry of State
Rank C-5, C-1
Positions Minister of Civil Engineering, governor of Bpfassh, Bursar
Past positions AMoCE, Chief Administrator
Past affiliations Incom Corporation, Byblos Drive Yards, FreiTek Inc.
Selfless Service and Sacrifice AwardNew Republican of the YearHydian Star of ExcellenceOperation Urgent FuryCMO CitationMeritorious Service MedalPerlemian Star of FreedomHydian Star of ExcellenceNew Republican of the MonthOperational Service AwardProduction Supplier AwardOperation Unknown SignalGovernor's CitationOrd Ibanna Achievement Award


FreiTek Inc.

Coren began working for FreiTek Inc. on Y11 D352 after being suggested to join by his brother Joren. At the time of joining his first task was moving RM's and doing production. Over the course of a year to a year and a half he worked his way up from a low level grunt to the 2IC. As 2IC he was handling the majority of the production, he was also in charge of building system defenses for the Camaria system. Along with that he was in charge of the development of most of the planets in t he Camaria system. On Y14 D177 Coren resigned as 2IC and left FreiTek Inc. for personal reasons.

New Republic Citizen

Since Coren worked for FreiTek, a PSA of the New Republic, he became was granted New Republic Citizenship on Y12 D8, Coren put in a governor application on Y13 D209 to become governor of the Bpfassh system. This application was accepted and he started to build up and design the system in his free time so it could become more thriving center. This governorship ended when he left FreiTek Inc. which at that point in time his citizenship status was revoked.

In his time as a New Republic Citizen he also ran for a two senate seats, the first of which was the By-Election on Y13 D341. This was to fill an empty seat in Session 15 of the New Republic Senate.

The next election he ran for was on Y14 D82 to become a senator in Session 16.

In both of these elections he lost.

Byblos Drive Yards

Coren started working for Byblos Drive Yards on Y14 D228 after speaking to Anax Noctru a fellow Nautolan. For the couple of months he was working there, he was the Deputy Director of Production and worked mainly with production in Polis Massa. He then left on Y15 D48.

Incom Corporation

After a little over a month of being freelance again after leaving Byblos Drive Yards, Coren decided to rejoin the New Republic after being influenced by some old freinds. So on Y15 D89 he joined Incom Corporation. During the course of the next year he was primarily based in Ord Ibanna, building different ships from RZ-1 A-wing Interceptors to BFF-1 Bulk Freighters. Also during this time he once again became governor of the Bpfassh System.

New Republic

On Y16 D34, Coren became less interested in building ships full time, so he left Incom and joined the New Republic proper to work primarily as governor of Bpfassh under the Minister of Ci vil Engineering. After a few months he began work of the Minister of Civil Engineering directly as a Chief Administrator and then AMoCE. On Y18 D117, Coren switch position with the current MoCE and took over as MoCE.

Career History

Civilian Service Record

Ministry of Civil Engineering
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank C-5 MoCE.png C-5 Year 18 Day 117 — Present Minister of Civil Engineering
Rank C-4 MoCE.png C-4 Year 18 Day 14 — Year 18 Day 117 Associate Minister of Civil Engineering
- - Year 16 Day 267 — Year 18 Day 14 Chief Administrator

Incom Corporation
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
O-5 Year 15 Day 337 — Year 16 Day 34 Senior Specialist
O-4 Year 15 Day 306 — Year 15 Day 337 Specialist
O-2 Year 15 Day 89 — Year 15 Day 306 Senior Pilot

Byblos Drive Yards
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Year 14 Day 228 — Year 15 Day 48 Deputy Director of Production

FreiTek Inc.
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Year 14 Day 108 — Year 14 Day 177 2IC
Year 13 Day 157 — Year 14 Day 108 Director of Production
Year 12 Day 224 — Year 13 Day 157 Csilla Director

Citations and Awards


Award Name Given By Date
Selfless Service and Sacrifice Award Selfless Service and Sacrifice Award Jin Solas Year 20 Day 97
New Republican of the Year New Republican of the Year - Year 20 Day 78
Hydian Star of Excellence Hydian Star of Excellence Orion Chran Year 20 Day 2
Perlemian Star of Freedom Perlemian Star of Freedom Orion Chran Year 19 Day 163
Hydian Star of Excellence Hydian Star of Excellence - Year 19 Day 39
New Republican of the Month New Republican of the Month - Year 19 Day 4
Operational Service Award Operational Service Award - Year 18 Day 329
Production Supplier Award Production Supplier Award - Year 18 Day 200
Operation Unknown Signal Operation Unknown Signal - Year 18 Day 157
Governor's Citation Governor's Citation - Year 17 Day 226
Ord Ibanna Achievement Award Ord Ibanna Achievement Award - Year 16 Day 284


Award Name Given By Date
Operation Urgent Fury Operation Urgent Fury Jin Solas Year 19 Day 292
CMO Citation CMO Citation Jin Solas Year 19 Day 292
Meritorious Service Medal Meritorious Service Medal Shu Shei Dael Year 19 Day 292
Joint Operation Ribbon Joint Operation Ribbon - Year 19 Day 292