Civilian Departments:Civilian Ranks

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Grade Republic Diplomacy Command New Republic Intelligence Service Ministry of State Ministry of Trade and Industry Ministry of Natural Resources Ministry of Civil Engineering
Chief of State
CoS Chief of State
Rank CoS.png
Ministerial / Executive / Senior Management Ranks
C-5 High Ambassador
Rank C-5 RDC.png
Rank C-5 NRI.png
Minister of State
Rank C-5 MoS.png
Minister of Trade and Industry
Rank C-5 MoTI.png
Minister of Natural Resources
Rank C-5 MoNR.png
Minister of Civil Engineering
Rank C-5 MoCE.png
C-4 Executive Ambassador
Rank C-4 RDC.png
Deputy Director
Rank C-4 NRI.png
Associate Minister of State
Rank C-4 MoS.png
Minister of Trade and Industry
Rank C-4 MoTI.png
Deputy Minister of Natural Resources / Chief Executive Officer
Rank C-4 MoNR.png
Associate Minister of Civil Engineering
Rank C-4 MoCE.png
C-3 Senior Ambassador
Rank C-3 RDC.png
- Chief Executive Officer / Administrator (*)
Rank C-3 MoS.png
Chief Executive Officer
Rank C-3 MoTI.png
Director of Sentient Resources (*)
Rank C-3 MoNR.png
Chief Administrator
Rank C-3 MoCE.png
C-2 Ambassador
Rank C-2 RDC.png
Public Officer
Rank C-2 NRI.png
Chief Operating Officer / Dean (*)
Rank C-2 MoS.png
Chief Operating Officer
Rank C-2 MoTI.png
Associate Minister (*)
Rank C-2 MoNR.png
Rank C-2 MoCE.png
C-1 Deputy Ambassador
Rank C-1 RDC.png
- Director/ Dean (*)
Rank C-1 MoS.png
Director (*)
Rank C-1 MoTI.png
Sector Director (*)
Rank C-1 MoNR.png
Junior Administrator / Vice President (*)
Rank C-1 MoCE.png
Senior Staff Ranks
O-6 Consul
Rank O-6 RDC.png
- - - - Master Architect
Rank O-6 MoCE.png
O-5 Pro Consul
Rank O-5 RDC.png
- - - - Architect
Rank O-5 MoCE.png
O-4 Vice Pro Consul
Rank O-4 RDC.png
- - - - Junior Architect
Rank O-4 MoCE.png
Junior Staff Ranks
O-3 Secretary
Rank O-3 RDC.png
- - - - Master Engineer
Rank O-3 MoCE.png
O-2 Attaché
Rank O-2 RDC.png
- - - - Engineer
Rank O-2 MoCE.png
O-1 Assistant Attaché
Rank O-1 RDC.png
- - - - Junior Engineer
Rank O-1 MoCE.png
Junior Staff Ranks
E-1 Cadet - Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet


  • (*) Exact title varies between factions and departments
  • Where the rank title and insignia are not shown, the position is not a NR-wide appointment and thus although it has its own representation internally within a department/faction, it is not displayed on this table