Bram Dupol

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Bram Dupol
Bram Dupol
Height 5'9"
Weight 155lb
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Black
Race Nautolan
Gender Male
Homeworld Glee Anselm
Family None(deceased)
Department Corellian Transport Services
Rank O-6
Positions Delivery XO

Assistant Recruitment Officer

Director of Cultural Affairs
Executive's CitationCommunity Award

Physical Description

Male Nautolan still lacking a bit of bulk as now has a bit of cash for food, Dressed in a thread bare old dark olive green flight suit. Shabby looking. Has one deep dark black eye and pale green, sallow looking skin. Wears his head tentacles tied back behind his head and off his shoulders. Has a large scar running down the right side of his face and is missing his right eye is covered by an eye patch. Always never far from his trusty Tool roll.


Orphaned due to an underwater mining accident was brought up by his grandparents who died when he was 15 leaving him alone but fairly well off for a time but since fallen on harder times. Took a vibro blade to the right side of his face and eye during a back alley mugging. Took a short mechanical course and decided he wanted to leave the comfort of his homeworld and become a ships mechanic. Found that his species ability to detect chemicals helped him to diagnose issues with ships liquid based systems. New Republic Academy and Republic Medical Graduate

Currently a Junior Pilot for the CTS and pilots a battered YV-666, CTS Rough Diamond.

Year 19 Day 85 Purchased 1st ship Renamed her The Unreliable Witness

Career History

Civilian Service Record

Corellian Transport Services
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank C-1 Delivery high-res.png C-1 Year 20 Day 222 — Year 21 Day 9 Delivery CO
Rank O-6 Delivery high-res.png O-6 Year 19 Day 195 — Year 20 Day 222 Delivery XO
Rank O-3 C&E high-res.png O-3 Year 19 Day 134 — Year 19 Day 195 Senior Engineer
Rank O-3 Delivery high-res.png O-3 Year 19 Day 131 — Year 19 Day 134 Transport Captain
Rank O-2 Personnel high-res.png O-2 Year 19 Day 103 — Year 19 Day 131 Pilot
Rank O-1 Personnel high-res.png O-1 Year 19 Day 72 — Year 19 Day 103 Junior Pilot

New Republic Academy
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Year 19 Day 3?? — Present Assistant Recruitment Officer
O-1 Year 19 Day 3?? — Present Teacher

Department of Culture
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
C-1 Year 20 Day 2 — Present Director of Cultural Affairs
O-2 Year 19 Day ??? — Year 20 Day 2 Cultural Contributor

Citations and Awards


Award Name Given By Date
Community Award Community Award Huw Roon Year 19 Day 282
Executive's Citation Executive's Citation Tengri Lethas Year 19 Day 282