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The New Republic has a large number of awards for various situations.

The majority of military commendations are represented on the uniform by a small coloured ribbon but the Awards also have corresponding medals for wear on dress uniforms.

There are civilian and military commendations divided into broad categories as follows:


These ribbons are worn in some form by all military officers who have commenced active duty. They always form the bottom row of a block of ribbons.

0 Year Military ServiceSFC CommandTraining

The civil service have their own set of bars that are equivalent and worn below any other citations.

0 Year Civilian ServiceTrade & IndustryTraining

Skill Badges

Officers may automatically qualify to wear appropriate skill badges if their skill is great enough.


Officers who participate in operations qualify for additional kinds of ribbons, indicating often the specific operation and special types of operations.


The highest kind of ribbon is an award, often signifying a medal or other great honour. Rather than qualifying for them based on participation or skill, they are awarded by different levels of command staff. Awards have the highest precedence and are thus always worn at the top relative to other kinds of ribbons. They range from the most common tier, which Group Commanders may award, to great honours for a career of service or medals earned on the battlefield.

There are four tiers of awards. The lowest tier may be awarded by a Group Commander or military Advisory Council member. The second may be awarded by any military member of the Advisory Council. Finally, unless otherwise noted, the highest two tiers may only be awarded by the Chief Military Officer. The miscellaneous category of awards is for decorations not currently in use or with special eligibility criteria excluding much of the military. If an officer receives an award multiple times, each additional award is noted by adding a bronze star to the respective ribbon. Thus, a ribbon with two bronze stars on it indicates the award was received three times. A ribbon that has been awarded six or more times is indicated by a silver star on the ribbon.

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