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Day 92 to Day 98 - Memorial Week

A week long memorial to those who were Killed in Action, in service to the New Republic. The final day of Memorial Week is Restoration Day.

Day 98 - Restoration Day

The national day, Restoration Day marks the formation of the New Republic and the ratification of the Constitution, through the merger of the Rebel Alliance and SoroSuub Corporation.

Day 100 - Galactic Museum Opening

This day commemorates the opening of the Galactic Museum in Year 14 in the Tyrius system. The Galactic Museum is renowned throughout the known worlds as the most comprehensive collection of technology.

Day 336 - Kuati Dawn Anniversary

Operation Kuati Dawn was undertaken against the Galactic Empire by SoroSuub Corporation, resulting in the capture of thousands of Imperial fighters and freighters.

Day 348 - Beta Remembrance Day

The Beta System was the site of a major campaign that started towards the end of Year 4 between the Galactic Empire and Falleen Federation and her allies. On the main planet of Ul Yanin, several billion Falleen citizens were slaughtered by the Imperial armed forces.

Day 351 - Praxis Commemoration

Operation Praxis was an assault on the Imperial-controlled Corellian Sector that resulted in the liberation of several planets, most notably Commenor.

Day 357 - Black Forest Day aka Kashyyyk Massacre Remembrance

On this day in Year 6, the Galactic Empire invaded Kashyyyk and mercilessly slaughtered countless numbers of the indigenous Wookiee race and others on the planet’s surface.