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1.1. A consensus from the Rebel Alliance Council (RAC) is needed to declare foreign powers, its members, or individuals as Adversaries.
1.2. Once placed on the Adversary list a consensus from the RAC is needed to remove groups or individuals from the Adversaries list.
1.3. The Adversary list an be automatically altered without a RAC vote in case of: name changes, mergers, acquisitions, or dissolution of the groups or individuals on the list.
1.4. Any group that affiliates with a group or individual on the list is liable to be placed on the list themselves.

2.1. Adversaries are forbidden to operate in the Rebel Alliance's territory, are subject to arrest, and impoundment of their assets.
2.2. Arrested Adversaries will be held until they / their organization no longer pose a threat to the Rebel Alliance.
2.3. Adversaries are under a trade embargo, disallowing any commercial dealings between them (and its members) or individuals, and official Rebel Alliance entities, including nationalized companies and private sector affiliates.
2.4. The Official Rebel Alliance entities, listed above, are exempt from the embargo for the purpose of purchasing their own stock.
2.5. A consensus from the RAC is needed to bypass the above embargo for individual sales, purchases, or trades.
2.6. Citizens of the Rebel Alliance are not legally bound by the trade embargo, but are encouraged to abide by it.

3.1. List of Adversaries


  • Ailon Nova Guard
  • Biotech
  • Black Sun
    • Gesenix Mining
    • Merr-Sonn Technologies
    • Shobquix Industries
  • Galactic Empire/Imperial Union
    • Corellian Engineering Corporation
    • CorSec
    • Imperial Mining Corporation
    • Kuat Systems Engineering
    • Magnaguard Manufacturing
    • Myorzo Weapon Systems
  • Development Partners:
    • Galactic Bank
    • Kolohe Mining Group MK2
  • Sapin Syndicate
  • The Faerytail Family
    • Faerytail Medical
    • Faerytail Recycling
    • The Je`daii Order
    • Ubrikkian Industries
  • Tresario Star Kingdom
    • Tresario Mining Authority
    • Tresario Salvage Yards
    • Cygnus Spaceworks
  • Zann Consortium
    • Vax Mining Group
    • Void Wolves
    • Crimson Dawn
  • The Sith Imperium
  • Applies to all groups on the list: Any current affiliated factions along with any faction which becomes affiliated


  • Adrian Owen
  • Tsis Tvarka
  • Any Individual with an Active RA Warrant
RAWanted Header.png


The Rebel Alliance Warrant List was created for the purposes of bringing wanted criminals to justice and rewarding the assistance of privateers for the capture of enemy agents. The Rebel Alliance does not condone the mistreatment or execution of prisoners and is not responsible for such actions by any third party towards individuals for whom warrants have been issued. In accordance with Rebel ideals, only live captures will be rewarded.

To claim a bounty please contact the Rebel Security Force.

Please find the lists of wanted individuals and enemy combatants below.


The individuals listed below are wanted alive by the Rebel Alliance and have an active Warrant. The Rebel Alliance offers rewards which will lead to the Capture alive of the below Warrants. Rewards are also available for information that leads to the capture of an individual wanted by the Rebel Alliance.

Amun Sokar Banquo Knox Bobby Boudreaux Cade Falker Corvis Orion
Elix Solaris Ezrakh Rhuk Gawayne Guinar Ndengin Ingo R. Vailis
Jak Svensen Kuga Morguul Morden Veritas Owen von Ismay Sebastian von Nex
Seele Vee Null Ximaro Jix Galen Darksol

Alliance Bounty

The Alliance offers reward for the LIVE CAPTURE of The Sith Imperium Leaders listed below. The 3.3 billion reward credit will be offered on the transfer of custody to Rebel Alliance or the Jedi Order officials. No bounty will be paid if the wanted individual is deceased.


Enemy Combatants

The Rebel Alliance also offers reward for the live capture of enemy agents. The Reward credit will be offered on the transfer of custody to Rebel Alliance officials of the Warrant.

NRWanted Black Sun.png NRWanted Galactic Empire.png

Apprehend Individuals

These individuals were apprehended and currently are in Rebel Alliance custody.

Jasper Merlyn Helen Hawk

Updated on Year 22 Day 56.