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The Galactic Museum of Technology (abbreviated in 'GM' or 'GMoT') is a permanent exhibition on the develpment of the main sectors of technological knowledge. At present its Collection encompasses three sectors: ships, vehicles, and droids. Future plans are aimed at housing items and weapons, too.

The objective of the Galactic Museum of Technology in collecting artifacts is to create, maintain, and protect a body of material representing the history and cultural life of the galaxy's technological development for purposes of preservation, study, and exhibitions through displays and other educational programs.

Given the nature and size of the collections, a customised station has been chosen as adequate premises. The museum is open to all and well-planned work shifts ensure that the museum has no closing times. Of course, due to extraordinary maintenance or unplanned events, access to the museum could be revoked: in this case visitors will be notified publicly.

The museum guarantees appropriate standards to ensure the health, safety, and accessibility of its visitors and personnel. Particular regard is given to access by sentient beings with special needs.

Opening Times

Open daily from 00:00 to 24:00, free entrance

Getting Here

The space station is located in:
Sector: Savareen
System: Tyrius (276, -245)
System Position: (5, 7)

By personal ship

If you are planning to come visit us with your personal ship, we suggest you set your navcomputer for coordinates (275, -245) and, once there, do a microjump by setting the hyper coordinates to (276, -245). Once in the system, sublight heading at 45° to (5, 7). Docking inside the Museum is not allowed, but our Security Staff will take care of your ship at the entrance.

By Star Tours Inc.

You can get to Rodia Starport from any open starport in the galactic network. The Museum is currently linked to 110 destinations in the galaxy. Once arrived at the Rodia Starport, a shuttle service will be provided to you upon request.

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